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Jan 2018
Bruce Grobler
Jan 17 2018 14:21
Hey guys, new to atomix (2.1.0-beta1 in maven working :)) , very cool project,
any reason there are no getter's for properties ? just question born out of curiosity (however does make it difficult for things like mapstruct and jackson).
Johno Crawford
Jan 17 2018 16:16
@zabda_twitter which class?
jackson does a pretty good job with fields, I usually configure it like this
objectMapper.registerModule(new AfterburnerModule());
Bruce Grobler
Jan 17 2018 17:45
Cool, noted it on the node and partition classes,
Johno Crawford
Jan 17 2018 19:18
@kuujo i'm seeing the phi timeouts when running RaftPerformanceTest with the 100ms fix, DocumentTreeTest seems to hang quite a bit on CI, wonder if that's related
Christer Fahlgren
Jan 17 2018 20:58
@kuujo I'm really interested in the direction of Atomix. We're users of Hazelcast and are heavy users of EntryProcessors for business logic. I have yet to get hands on with Atomix, but do you think Atomix would be able to support the EntryProcessor use case for distributed Maps?