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Jan 2018
Jan 24 2018 07:50
Where's a good place to experiment with atomix?
Jordan Halterman
Jan 24 2018 07:51
you mean like environment?
@baymaxhuang fair enough. I actually didn’t write most of that code so didn’t even know where it cam efrom
Johno Crawford
Jan 24 2018 10:44
@kuujo did you want me to forward port those fixes from 2.0 or you have it covered already?
Jan 24 2018 23:20
Hi everyone, I'm new to Atomix and am currently putting together a few tests to test a simple state machine in a Copycat cluster. Is there any way to recover a state machine or cluster if all of the cluster members are shutdown? I've tried bootstrapping a new cluster from one of the shut down nodes pointing to the same log directory but the node seems to hang once I try to run the bootstrap method.