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Feb 2018
Johno Crawford
Feb 14 2018 17:02
Yeah bunch of stuff like director executor too from guava
And asserting parameters
Can direct executor be replaced with Runnable::run?
Or is there some performance penalty
I might benchmark it later
Jonathan Halterman
Feb 14 2018 18:38
Would be happy to write a new cache :)
But the wise thing is to defer to Ben Manes
Jonathan Halterman
Feb 14 2018 18:48
A simple ConcurrentMap wrapped with a cleaner thread still needs to perform somewhat course locking to expire entries since it doesn't have access to the ConcurrentMap's underlying locks. This may cause a bit of contention, in which case you may as well use a Map under the covers. This is more or less ExpiringMap For better concurrency/performance, use Caffeine.