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Feb 2018
Johno Crawford
Feb 22 2018 09:38
isolate as in iptables to start dropping packets?
emulate network partitions?
Feb 22 2018 10:20
Is it necessary to have a quorum on server start? can i start the atomix node in standalone mode?
Johno Crawford
Feb 22 2018 10:23
@vvarma in master branch, yes works with a single node
Jordan Halterman
Feb 22 2018 18:18
@johnou yep. I have a script that messes with IP tables to create different types of partitions - random, halves, a bridge where only one node can see both sides of a partition (a problem only consensus algorithms can really handle), isolate nodes, mess with clocks, inject latency/drop/reorder/duplicate packets (doesn’t really matter with TCP though). Porting all those over to Atomix for tests. I also have a script that does randomized fault injection and model checking. All these things really need to become part of CI
@vvarma it is necessary to have a quorum, but a quorum of 1 is 1, so you can start a single node cluster. But if you start a 3 node cluster then 2 nodes have to be started concurrently for the cluster to bootstrap.
Johno Crawford
Feb 22 2018 20:14
So essentially integration tests with some fuzzing, that's cool
@kuujo I think the 2.0 pr should have all the fixes merged btw, will be nice once ONOS updates to 2.1 the merging isn't always straightforward