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Mar 2018
Mar 13 2018 15:46 UTC
@mac01021 my use case is somehow similar. My node are spawn on random machines so I have no clues about their host or available port.
The solution for now is a known, external application. future nodes connects to a server, give their host/port. after a while, the application notice the nodes of the collection of host/port. Starting from there I can build my cluster and remove the external temporary server. Did not find any other way though
Mar 13 2018 16:12 UTC
(the Atomix cluster is on top of hadoop/yarn, which dynamically allow containers to run the nodes, and the external application is a akka-http server on the application master)
Jordan Halterman
Mar 13 2018 21:41 UTC
Sorry I was traveling all last week and I’m traveling again this week but then I’m staying home for a while :-)
But my travels bring Atomix bug fixes :-P
Mar 13 2018 23:00 UTC
what would be the cause of io.atomix.copycat.session.ClosedSessionException: session closed
at io.atomix.copycat.client.session.ClientSession.submit(
at io.atomix.copycat.client.DefaultCopycatClient.submit(
at io.atomix.AtomixReplica$CombinedCopycatClient.submit(
at io.atomix.manager.resource.internal.InstanceClient.submit(
at io.atomix.resource.internal.ResourceCopycatClient.submit(
at io.atomix.collections.DistributedMap.keySet(
at com.salesforce.automation.precheckin.server.container.AtomixContainer.getIds(
what could be the cause of closed session exceptions, I see these randomly occurring during the course of my distributed cluster running
and whats the resolution for it? for now I am restarting the server , but would be problematic in production if this happens frequently
and sometimes the nodes infinitely keep trying to connect to each other. Even though there isnt any network partitioning
2018-03-13 23:04:21,714 INFO copycat-client-io-1 NettyClient:66 - Connecting to
2018-03-13 23:04:21,715 INFO catalyst-event-loop-2 NettyClient:98 - Connected to
Mar 13 2018 23:05 UTC
and then again
2018-03-13 23:04:22,465 INFO copycat-client-io-1 NettyClient:66 - Connecting to
2018-03-13 23:04:22,466 INFO catalyst-event-loop-3 NettyClient:98 - Connected to
this just happens infinitely