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Apr 2018
Jordan Halterman
Apr 13 2018 03:58
FYI I’m going to put together a talk on Atomix 2.1 to give a couple weeks from now. I’ll throw the slides up here and get some feedback.
Should have about an hour, so going to try to cover everything.
Actually, maybe next week
Jordan Halterman
Apr 13 2018 15:23
It appears to not be so trivial to enable multicast in a Docker network ¯(ツ)
Jordan Halterman
Apr 13 2018 22:39
I gave up on Docker/multicast for now. For some reason the first node has trouble bootstrapping in a data node cluster in my Docket tests (atomix-test)
Johno Crawford
Apr 13 2018 23:34
@kuujo atomix/atomix#430
good to close I think?