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Apr 2018
Jordan Halterman
Apr 19 2018 21:24
Lol @jhall11 me too... me too... @jhalterman thought it looked like a cat :-P
He didn’t get it
2/3 @jhalterman
Jordan Halterman
Apr 19 2018 21:29

@AtomAlex good question. Still working on the documentation and the website is being updated as we speak, but all the core primitives are registered in the same way as custom primitives:
• Create and register a PrimitiveType:
• Provide a PrimitiveService via the type
• Provide a DistributedPrimitiveBuilder via the type

Since Atomix 2 supports partitioning, REST API, different replication protocols, configuration files, synchronous and asynchronous APIs, etc there’s a lot more complexity to implementing a complete primitive, but at the lowest level (an asynchronous, single-partition primitive) it’s roughly the same.

Jordan Halterman
Apr 19 2018 21:53
Actually may not keep those icons. I was just messing around, but I do like a lot of them, like the primitive man and the agent :-P
Jordan Halterman
Apr 19 2018 22:29
going to release the final Atomi 2.1 beta today
also releasing the new website
although it’s a little short on documentation ATM :-P
but it’s a work in progress