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Apr 2018
Jordan Halterman
Apr 26 2018 09:37 UTC
Things keep getting added to the refactoring process, but it’s just about done. This is what happens when I go through writing documentation and dislike what I see...
Just have to make sure the tests pass tomorrow
I refactored a lot of the internal primitive/protocol APIs to make partitioning a lot simpler, allow users to have more control over partitioning, and ensure all the primitives that can be partitioned are partitioned. I will move on to help work on the primary-backup protocol after that.
Apr 26 2018 09:47 UTC
Is there already a beta documentation for the REST API? Thank you!
Jordan Halterman
Apr 26 2018 19:31 UTC
@FKrack not yet. Not until the Java API has some documentation. Would be nice to setup Swagger at least. Probably won’t otherwise get to the REST API until a lot of the other documentation for the RC is done.
Apr 26 2018 22:04 UTC

@kuujo 2.1.0-beta3 , found that 3 from 4 services started
DefaultClusterEventingService start - Started DefaultClusterMessagingService start - Started DefaultClusterService start - UNIQ-2 - Node activated: StatefulNode{id=UNIQ-2, type=DATA, address=localhost:16002} ,
lack of PrimitiveService blocks me from using ConsistentMap . The following sort of code is used to setup cluster
` . Atomix.Builder builder = Atomix.builder();

    File dataDirectory = new File("./atomix/");




            .withType(DATA) )
            .withAddress("localhost", 3333)

    Set<io.atomix.cluster.Node> bootstrapNodes = new LinkedHashSet<>();

        io.atomix.cluster.Node bootstrapNode = io.atomix.cluster.Node.builder(shardConfig.getName())
                .withAddress(shardConfig.getHost(), shardConfig.getPort())


    Atomix atomix =;

Could you please take a look on my issue ? Is something wrong here?