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May 2018
Raoul Ghosh
May 08 2018 12:10 UTC
I am unable to find the equivalent of AtomixReplica in atomix2. I'm trying to start an atomix cluster in Kubernetes, where neither hostnames nor IPs are fixed. They keep changing as containers come and go. This is possible using AtomixReplica, but I can't seem to do it in atomix2.
Luca Burgazzoli
May 08 2018 12:30 UTC
I'd say that the boostrap nodes of an atomix cluster on kubernetes should be on a replica set so hostname and port are stable
for pure ephemeral nodes I'm working on some service discovery stuffs (for spring-boot) that may help
they are far to be completed
Raoul Ghosh
May 08 2018 13:51 UTC
Makes sense. Thanks @lburgazzoli