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May 2018
May 25 2018 04:35
Do you have any idea when you want to publish the first RC as a library?
Thank you! You're doing a great job!
André Santos
May 25 2018 16:02
Hey. I noticed the page for catalyst isn't online and the repo is archived. What happened?
May 25 2018 16:06
Something from one of the older 2.1 0 snapshots to the latest 2.1.0 snapshot broke serialization of data in the data directory...
Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.time.Instant cannot be cast to
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.cluster.impl.RaftClusterContext.<init>(
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.impl.RaftContext.<init>(
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.impl.DefaultRaftServer$
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.impl.DefaultRaftServer$
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.partition.impl.RaftPartitionServer.buildServer(
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.partition.impl.RaftPartitionServer.start(
        at io.atomix.protocols.raft.partition.RaftPartitionGroup.lambda$join$1(
the only way for me to recover was to delete the atomix data directory
Jordan Halterman
May 25 2018 19:41
Ahh yes that makes sense
We probably need to document the fact that objects are stored on disk and where
Thanks Ronnie
Jordan Halterman
May 25 2018 20:06
@andrerfcsantos Catalyst and Copycat were both archived because they’re effectively part of the Atomix project now.
André Santos
May 25 2018 20:45
@kuujo Oh, got it. After checking the documentation i was able to map the old classes to the new ones. Just asked because i'm maintaining an old project that is using catalyst and the documentation being offline was a surprise.
I'll consider refactoring the code to not use catalyst.