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May 2018
Johno Crawford
May 31 2018 08:13
needs to be escaped, double backslash
Jordan Halterman
May 31 2018 21:24
I concur. The extension class resolving is far too opaque. There’s gotta be a way to avoid the complexity
Andrew Audibert
May 31 2018 23:52
Hello, question about register/unregister entries. I'm running copycat (waiting on atomix docs to upgrade) and seeing an issue where entries appear to be lost due to minor compaction of register entries. It looks like this is happening:
  1. session registered at index 10
  2. session successfully writes entries 11-50
  3. minor compaction removes entry 10 (register) from the log
  4. server restarts
  5. entries 11-50 are not applied because their session is unknown
    Does this look like a bug in Copycat, or is there something I’m missing?