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Jun 2018
Johno Crawford
Jun 26 2018 15:34
@kuujo better now
Alexis Hernandez
Jun 26 2018 17:48
Hi, I'm looking into the atomix-raft to integrate it with an existing application that already has the discovery functionality, is there a way to sync my discovery process to the one with atomix-raft? I haven't find this in the docs.
Jordan Halterman
Jun 26 2018 22:14
I think that depends on how you intend to use discovery with Raft. It’s not typically safe to discover the Raft nodes themselves. The risk is that member discovery protocols are eventually consistent, and a network partition when bootstrapping a Raft cluster can lead to split brain when each side of the partition forms a separate Raft cluster with only the members it sees. There’s no way to converge the two without losing all writes from one side. This is why Atomix requires Raft partition group members to be named and explicitly listed in the configuration.