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Jul 2018
Alexis Hernandez
Jul 09 2018 19:38
is there a way to restrict a node to not take decisions until there is a least a certain number of nodes in the cluster?
Johno Crawford
Jul 09 2018 19:57
Setup a cluster with multiple bootstrap nodes, three nodes will require at least two nodes etc.
Alexis Hernandez
Jul 09 2018 19:58
what about if most nodes are discovered at runtime? is there a way to ask for a fixed number?
Jordan Halterman
Jul 09 2018 20:10

The only safe way to do that is by literally listing the nodes’ IDs and waiting until they all join the cluster. But this completely depends on what and how the decision is being made.

The correct way to do this is probably just by using a counting primitive. The semaphore and barrier primitives are sort of close. They track the number of active sessions and aren’t prone to network partitions when run in Raft.

Alexis Hernandez
Jul 09 2018 20:12
hmm, I guess the second approach is more adequate because the first one might wait until all required nodes join the cluster but in our scenario, the nodes can leave at anytime which might be problematic