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Aug 2018
Jordan Halterman
Aug 10 2018 02:19
I think Atomix software is probably the wrong level to solve the complex network configuration issue
It’s something that can and probably should be done with DNS
Atomix supports host names, and DNS should be used to lookup the IP
@aruanruan you can add arbitrary resources to the REST API now
just annotate classes with the @AtomixResource annotation and add them to the classpath
Jon Hall
Aug 10 2018 18:37
I’ve been staring at this for a few minutes, trying to figure out if I’m blind or this is a false positive:
Johno Crawford
Aug 10 2018 19:04
looks like a false positive to me
but i'll write a unit test
Jordan Halterman
Aug 10 2018 19:36
I think the existing tests basically cover it
they fail if you remove the ByteArrayComparator
guess I will implement the deletes today