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Sep 2018
Jordan Halterman
Sep 29 2018 01:03
@alexrobin no that’s really interesting. Certainly needs to be investigated. Maybe I can reproduce this...
Jordan Halterman
Sep 29 2018 01:08
@lburgazzoli the leader election used to have that class built in to it, but it was removed for... I don’t remember why. Just need to register a serialized for it:
Phone code ^ but you get the idea
We need to work a lot on the error messages for common problems like this to make it obvious how to resolve bugs in client code.
Jordan Halterman
Sep 29 2018 01:13
Also in some cases we’ve seen serialization exceptions inside primitives not being propagated up to client code but being caught and logged somewhere in the abyss of primitive client code
Luca Burgazzoli
Sep 29 2018 21:37
@kuujo thx