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Repo info
    could someone here help me with my game?
    David Goldstein
    I just found an amazing way to make a bootable usb like ubuntu or windows on chromeos
    Its really cool
    u have to have enabled devolper options in order for it to work though so u can enter a shell by pressing ctrl alt t on your chromebook.
    Once you have done that click sudo su to login as root. Then download whatever iso u want to boot
    then in shell
    it should say something like chronos local host$
    type in cd ~/Downloads
    then type sudo su
    then type dd if=(whatever the downloaded iso file is) of=/dev/target
    as an example
    dd if=ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/target
    David Goldstein
    yes make sure that u type in the iso file right after the = sign
    and once thats done eject your usb and reject and you should have a bootable usb with either linux 16.04 lts or whatever version or windows whatever verison
    Mohamad Qaddura
    @apalm1341 your question is a bit general, but if you want a quickstart to devtool development check this repo (starter pack)
    Can i ask a question?
    About chrome extension.
    Mohamad Qaddura
    yes of course
    @strongant sorry for the late reply, was offline for a while.. please ask and we hope to help
    Mitch Zelmanovich
    anyone know anything about IntersectionObserver
    Naman Gupta
    Hey there ,
    this naman . I have a small issue in fetching frames in network panel . But its working in incognito mode. I have disabled the cache in normal mode but still it doesn't fetch the frames . Can anyone help me out ? :smile:
    I need to test it on 3G that's why i have enabled throttling
    @paulirish : is there a way to access Chrome Canary Coverage details programatically? I would like to hook them to my UI Automation and at the very end generate the report
    kindly le tme know if that’s a possibility...
    btw, that’s a MINDBLOWING feature :)
    @auchenberg : would you know the answer for my question above. Thanks in advance
    @paulirish : could you kindly help me with the above Q please...
    Thanks @paulirish
    Paul Irish
    a lot of people have asked about this but nobody has wired up an implementation so far. you'll have to deal with offset ranges in the source file. but with some work you'll have it under control.
    Great, this is an amazing feature
    thanks a lot
    do you have any pointers/references to others already implementing it?
    that could be a good start for me
    Paul Irish
    yeah looking at that right now..
    i’ll go thru that :)
    thanks for the quick response
    Paul Irish
    you can also check out https://github.com/ChromeDevTools/devtools-frontend/blob/master/front_end/coverage/CoverageModel.js which is the underlying impl for devtools. it consumes takePreciseCoverage for JS very directly
    Paul Irish
    :) cheers
    Gaston Vargas
    anyone here that can answer some questions about Crouton on chromebooks
    any clue why i get this when im trying to use the coverage option from chrome canary

    import * as fs from "fs";
    import {createSession} from "chrome-debugging-client";

    describe("Functional Coverage Test", function() {
    it("Get the coverage", () => {
    //Get the dynamic port from Chrome
    let cmd_line = browser.getText("#command_line"),
    res = cmd_line.match(/--remote-debugging-port=[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]/gi),
    port = res[0].split("=")[1];
    createSession(async (session) => {
    const api = await session.createAPIClient("", port);
    const tabs = await api.listTabs();
    const tab = tabs[0];
    let client = await session.openDebuggingProtocol(http://localhost:${port});

        await client.send("Profiler.enable");
        await client.send("Page.enable");
        await client.send("Profiler.startPrecisionCoverage", {callCount: true});
        await client.send("Page.navigate", {url: "https://www.microsoft.com"});
        await new Promise((resolve) => client.on("Page.loadEventFired", resolve));
        await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 10000));
        let result = await client.send("Profiler.takePrecisionCoverage");
        fs.writeFileSync("coverage.json", JSON.stringify(result, null, 2));
    }). catch(err => {
    after(() => {


    @paulirish could you kindly help me undestand what i might be doing wrong in the above snippet
    i’m unable to create a client to programatically enable profiler and start the covearge
    anyone know about chrome.extension?. i need parssing data from popup.js to background.js? in popup.js first update url and after document ready i need parsing data to background?