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Jun 2016
Nikolaj Ivancic
Jun 21 2016 18:17

This room is provided for all crazy ideas sharing - all about monterey of course :-)

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Vegar Ringdal
Jun 21 2016 21:19
Hi, most here prb know most of this anyway, but Im gonna write a post anyways :joy:
Ive done some testing and created this: aurelia es2016 skeleton
Its a es2016 aurelia skeleton running in electron
To use
git clone
npm install
jspm install -y
gulp electron  <--- to run
What Ive done is:
  • taken the index.html and all files in src and made a new catalog called gui
  • moved the index.js in to src folder and called in main.js,
  • moved styles folder to gui folder
  • changed the build from system to commonjs & made some path modifications in config etc
Vegar Ringdal
Jun 21 2016 21:24
In the render process you can access the main process by require('electron').remote
Vegar Ringdal
Jun 21 2016 21:41
Ive prb done all sorts of wrong, but thats ok :-)
Vegar Ringdal
Jun 21 2016 22:32
added photon :-) (contrl+shift+i, to get developer tools up)
Time for bed, electron was fun :-) bet Ill learn a lot when @JeroenVinke starts working with it :-)
Nikolaj Ivancic
Jun 21 2016 23:01

@vegarringdal - I simply love your intensity and persistence and will highly encourage you to do a lot of experimentation like you just did. It's best to do that in your own repo, and share what you did on a way that people can check it by visiting your repo.

Not being sure whether "not reading the manuals" is in your nature (like "I want to try this and I do not care to read stuff before"), I will strongly suggest to check aurelia-tools/monterey-issues#18 and go systematically through