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@bigopon Ah, yes. That makes sense. Thx for the heads up.
if i have a component to render pdf but want to control what pages it shows etc from outside that component. and like executing render next page etc. what would be the prefered way to do that
event aggregator is 1 option i gues. but since i already are using aurelia store. would that be a better option to use to trigger rendering
@dagtveit discourse topic? https://discourse.aurelia.io :smile:
how do you combine isactive binding and regular classes in aurelia
i made it work with comparing directly in the view. is it not supported to call a function from an inline compare
like class="form ${isActive(1) ...
anyone here can help me make a issuer regex to only get /src/app.js.
Subhrajyoti Moitra
Hello, How can i render a html snippet that i get from a REST api, on to aurelia application DOM? Using http client i have got the html snippet in welcome.ts (skeleton-typescript-webpack). How do i slap a viewmodel and "process" the HTML snippet? I also need to add this to the DOM. element.appendChild? Will templating APIs help or View binding apis? Please help. I have to render a server side HTML, as part of a my UI that is being made with Aurelia. Thanks.
when i am using a value converter to format number it moves the cursor to the end of the number so f i have 4 decimals. it jumps to the end of decimals and only changes the last value of the last decimal . i have to move the cursor back for every time i want to add another hole number. any way to prevent this behavior

I have a main router in app.ts which opens a product page and in that particular product page I have 4 options so user can click and go to another page. Here I am facing issue, where I click on the option nothing happens the page url changes on the address bar but page does not changes.

This is what I am having href="./accounts/docs.html though this docs.html is defined as normal aurelia template page and there is no error in console. Can anyone provide any feedback. Thanks

i am not so expert
but have you tried routingpolicy thingy
route: ['/security/:instrumentId',],
name: 'Instrument',
activationStrategy: activationStrategy.replace,
moduleId: PLATFORM.moduleName('./Modules/instrument/instrument', 'instrument-module'),
title: 'Instrument'
look at the activationStrategy
aurelia dosnt load the route again if the mainroute is the same and the parameters change
dont know if this is related but i just gave it a whirl :P
I have created small Aurelia Typescript application now I want to host in server. Suggest me how can I do that ? please suggest me related document or link to host Aurelia app ? Many Thanks
Arne Deruwe
@jaypatel52327 run au build --env the_environment_you_want, copy index.html + the scripts folder to your web root and you should be done
Depending on your setup ofc, but that covers the simple scenario^^
Luis Lebolo
Is there an "Aurelia-friendly" element type that I can use so that TypeScript doesn't complain about au not being a property in fooHtmlElement.au.controller.viewModel?
I can cast fooHtmlElement as any to keep it complaining, but just wondering if there's a more proper way of doing it
@lebolo_gitlab example
export interface IElementAu {
    "md-input": IController<MdInput>;
    "md-checkbox": IController<MdCheckbox>;
    "md-select": IController<MdSelect>;
    "md-dropdown": IController<MdDropdown>;
    "md-lookup": IController<MdLookup>;
    controller: Controller;

declare global {
    // tslint:disable-next-line:interface-name
    interface Element {
        mdUnrenderValidateResults(results: ValidateResult[], renderer: MaterializeFormValidationRenderer);
        mdRenderValidateResults(results: ValidateResult[], renderer: MaterializeFormValidationRenderer);
        au: IElementAu;
Christoph Kralj

Hello! I have a simple problem and with repeaters and have no idea how to fix:

repeat.for="keyword of keyword_list | customSort: { propertyName: 'isDone', direction: 'ascending' } | filter:searchKeywordsTerm:filterKeywordsFunc"

The repeater uses sort and filter and each element is clickable.
After sorting the array in any way the returned $index is correct.
But if I filter the array the $index value is wrong.

Has any of you an idea how to solve this?
Or what did I miss?

thank you :)

Andrew Markwell
Anyone experiences an unhandled event with event aggregator, or any ideas how to debug something like this:
aurelia-logging-console.js?dc89:45 ERROR [event-aggregator] 
JsonWebTokenError {name: "JsonWebTokenError", message: "jwt must be provided", stack: "JsonWebTokenError: jwt must be provided↵    at Obj…er.handleEvent (webpack-internal:///X5gX:5345:10)"}
message: "jwt must be provided"
name: "JsonWebTokenError"
stack: "JsonWebTokenError: jwt must be provided↵    at Object.module.exports [as verify] (webpack-internal:///Duz0:53:17)↵    at Transforms.decodeScript (webpack-internal:///resources/components/transforms:97:77)↵    at Transforms.selectTransform (webpack-internal:///resources/components/transforms:171:23)↵    at eval (webpack-internal:///resources/components/transforms:76:15)↵    at invokeCallback (webpack-internal:///aurelia-event-aggregator:31:5)↵    at EventAggregator.publish (webpack-internal:///aurelia-event-aggregator:68:11)↵    at CardDataTemplate.viewCard (webpack-internal:///resources/components/cards/card-data-template:66:15)↵    at CallScope.evaluate (webpack-internal:///X5gX:1612:19)↵    at Listener.callSource (webpack-internal:///X5gX:5336:40)↵    at Listener.handleEvent (webpack-internal:///X5gX:5345:10)"
__proto__: Error
considering I am only opening up a panel and not hitting a backend web service
its also intermittent, which does not help
Andrew Markwell
never mind I sorted it out
seems that when you publish an event and have multiple pages listening in on it - such as updating a common header panel, it can cause some strange behavours if a cached page tries to action the event at the same time. i simply added in a target on the event object so the page in focus is the only page that responds to the event
I want to create property or attribute in Aurelia. When I set true. asterisk should be visible in Textbox and false will not display. is this possible or I have to do with validation rules. or which one if effective ?
Andrew Markwell
@jaypatel52327 - if you are talking about visibility of web elements, simply bind an if statement against it - <span if.bind="myBoolean">some cool content</span
or if you mean data displayed within a field, just bind the field to a value - and set the value in code
Hi I just run my website on Microsoft edge and this happenend.
I looping navigations but item of loop is undefined
for debugging I print array and subitem to console, you can check it
Please why has Edge problem with this ... Chrome run properly
@matejBandik is that root navigation?
Dan Pettersson
If i want to I can make sure that the default binding mode for a bindable property is twoWay (@bindable({ defaultBindingMode: bindingMode.twoWay })), but is there a similar way to default to .callfor function bindings? So that .call is used even if developer happens to write .bind in markup?
i dont think you need to use call at all
i am no expert and in fact i have been fiddling around with this to much frustration :o
@bindable({ defaultBindingMode: bindingMode.twoWay }) onkeyup;
this is what i have
@bigopon Yes it is. I've already solved it. I moved if.bind from div tag to child element. Maybe Edge couldn't handle repeat.for and checking value of actual loop item in same element (<div repeat.for="item of arr" if.bind="item != null"></div>)
Dan Pettersson

@dagtveit I have a custom attribute like this, where the callback bindable should point to a function call, this is in repeater context;
vkau-callback-on-confirm="message.bind: Sure...?; callback.call: data.splice($index, 1);"

In this case, if I change .call to .bind I get no error message, but my repeater is not repeated and no bindings within the repeater seems to execute (bound input fields are empty). Using .call works as expected.

In the custom attribute the callback member is
@bindable callback: Function;

I think it depends on whether you want to pass just the function name or the whole call. In this case I need the whole call, so that I can send the correct params to .splice.