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Feb 2016
Robin Eklind
Feb 02 2016 13:03
I took a further look at how Ethan's library handles FLAC decoding, and it does too support streaming of larger FLAC files through its Next function. Sorry for the confusion. Implementing the FLAC decoder still turned out to be a fun learning exercise. We will continue to improve the library by implementing the last few portions of the FLAC specification. After feature completeness, the library will be profiled to improve the performance of decoding. Later we will investigate how to build utility libraries on top of the FLAC decoding library, to facilitate the ease of use. As of now, it has an experimental front-end decoder implemented for the Azul3d audio library. Another front-end to the decoder was written by @mjibson for the mog music player. We are also tracking the Go Mobile Audio proposal for a standardized Go audio interface, analogous to image.Image. Will be interested so see how Go's audio capabilities are in a couple of year : )
I'll send a pull request to the awesome-go repository for now, and we can continue the discussion of whether another FLAC decoding library should be included on the list or not in the comment section related to the pull request. Cheers /u