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Feb 2017
Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu @magheru_san
Feb 20 2017 16:35
@tair-rhyme maybe because usually you have to apply the same principles used when chosing an external library in any other language
Alex Bucataru
Feb 20 2017 19:57
@kirillDanshin @zet4 Re: #839 I think he meant listed as "mp3 - A native Go MP3 decoder." in "Audio/Music" is actually just a frame parser, which seems to be supported by the package description on GitHub: "golang mp3 frame parser". I propose to change the listing to "mp3 - A native Go MP3 frame parser." I can send in a PR if you want.
Also, I think it would be a candidate for removal based on quality standards (37% coverage, Go Report Card shows some easily fixable issues) - thoughts?