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Repo info
Nirmal Almara
I'm building LibreRead in Go. It's a self-hosted browser-based ebook reader which is GPL licensed. For features list, please check the link.
hi, all
Nima Ghoroubi
Hi @intellectron, you can find all image processing frameworks here : https://github.com/avelino/awesome-go#images
Julian Frank
I would like to suggest to add https://github.com/raz-varren/sacrificial-socket ... Its awsome too
Hello, is there anyone?
Who knows the name of the library for generating the invoice image?:)
Nima Ghoroubi
is anobody there?
Julian Frank
It's silent in here 🙄
Nima Ghoroubi
hi @julianfrank , how are you?
can I ask you a question?
Do you know the "Telegram" messenger?
Nikos Efthias
@Invision70 i believe you can use cairo or canvas. I used canvas before to produce tickets with a barcode
Christophe Meessen
hello ? Anybody here ?
Noah Petherbridge
Hello @guojun1992 and @chmike
Faiyaz Shaikh
Heyy guys, check out the mini-social-network I created with Golang https://github.com/yTakkar/Go-Mini-Social-Network
Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi
I would like to suggest a new package for awesome-go, but I can't make a pull request
https://github.com/kzahedi/goent - Entropy measures for Go
Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi
Hi. I have an open pull request for goent and tried to address the comments. not sure if they are seen since nothing has happened for the last 7 days
is this a good place to ask help with Golang stuff?
i am awaiting a pull request for jaeger. please let me know how i can get approval.
I shamelessly show ShionKeys to everyone
Tariq Ibrahim
@hamid-elaosta what is your question?
Which is the most easy web-framekwork in go for building Dashboards like Shiny.
And is there any framework to build Android App
Arthur Silva
Hi @vikram-rawat ! There are lots of web frameworks in Golang, but the recommendation is to keep as much vanilla as possible. About android, there’s a experimental package to build apps https://github.com/golang/mobile
@arxdsilva tHANKX for the reply. I am not a programmer so things are very muddy for me. I need a framework so that I can learn and build small apps. I can not create everything from scratch. Try to understand everyone is not advanced coder. I come from analytics background so programming is not even my main concern but I want to be able to build something and very quickly
Arthur Silva
Hi @vikram-rawat , I don’t think that I had enough experience with Go frameworks to give you a proper answer. I think the best place to ask it might be on the Go’s official slack where you will find many experienced gophers
Oğuzhan Çelikarslan
hi friends i am looking a article which tells making chat(multiple) room with gorilla
any suggestion?
Rob De Feo
Hi I am hoping for a bit of advice, I am trying to think how to layout my github repo's for a go microserivce.
I will have various endpoints that users access, /users, '/productsand backend service likeusers,products', 'stocks' etc and some jobs too. Ideally a sub folder would be good but since thats not an option on github does anyone have some suggestions? How should organise them them out? I was thinking to prefix
  • github.com/org/rest-users
  • github.com/org/rest-products
  • github.com/org/rpc-users or github.com/org/svc-users
  • github.com/org/rpc-products orgithub.com/org/svc-products
  • github.com/org/rpc-stocks orgithub.com/org/svc-stocks
  • github.com/org/job-stock-checker
Li keli
Is there a suitable NLP kit for go?
Alex Giesa
Hello folks, does anyone have a recommendation for a linting setup in go projects?
Sorry, config? Not understanding
Alex Giesa
which linter are essential? build, vet, golint? there's too much choice for a beginner like me :)
Very very cool
Alex Giesa
Cool thx for your advice.
Nassim Abedi
Hi all :), I want to use a client portal with go any suggestion Thank you

Hi All, Can someone help me out with my following Error:

var row string
db := dbConn()
if strings.ToLower(some-string) == "some-more-string" {
sqlstatement := select blah blah blah from blah;

  • row = db.QueryRow(sqlstatement) *
    } else {
    sqlstatement := select more blah blah from blah
    row = db.QueryRow(sqlstatement,blah-variable)
    switch err := row.Scan(&blah-variable); err {

with the above code, i get the following Error Message:
row.Scan undefined (type string has no field or method Scan)

row is wrong type. Watch wich type return db.QueryRow.