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    Sameera Horawalavithana
    Hello, any recommendation on the network embedding works for bi-partite (weighted) networks.
    Chih-Ming Chen
    most existing network embedding cannot handle bi-partite graph for recommendation very well, maybe you can have a check on "BiNE: Bipartite Network Embedding"
    we usually use network embedding to build i2i similarity, and then to use CF method to generate the recommendations like: item2vec, entity2rec
    but, in my opinion, factorization-based solution can be deemed as a type of network embedding
    oh, "Asymmetric Proximity Preserving graph embedding" is another choice of network embedding for making recommendation
    Benedek Rozemberczki
    Hi there,
    Can we start a discussion on the potential reorganization, table of contents and so on. I believe that there are huge potential gains regarding the reorganization. In the last few days I linked the repository in a number of other awesome aggregator lists.
    Chih-Ming Chen
    I'm working a related project and will handle this later. I'll get back to you afterwards. It's still welcome if you'd like to share your idea of how to compile the list in a better way.