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Feb 2017
Fisher Coder
Feb 21 2017 06:00
Hi there, I've a quick question here: how can I seed a new Cache Cluster from my snapshots in S3 using AWS-CLI? engine: Redis, note: I needed to have a cluster, not a single-node
I have tried this command as per aws elasticache create-cache-cluster --cache-cluster-id stevescachecluster1 --cache-node-type cache.m4.large --engine redis --engine-version 3.2.4 --cache-parameter-group default.redis3.2.cluster.on --num-cache-nodes 1 --snapshot-arns arn:aws:s3:::MY_S3_BUCKET-elasticache/stevesun-elasticache-0002.rdb --cache-subnet-group-name my-cache-dev this tutorial:
but it fails An error occurred (InvalidParameterCombination) when calling the CreateCacheCluster operation: Cluster mode should be disabled in parameter group, but found it is enabled.