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Mar 2018
Mar 19 2018 02:10
@angrychimp : Thanks. I have got the things I needed. I know Groups can be used by others, but my focus was specifically to locate groups which are open to Internet and then filter how many or which ec2 are directly associated with it. so I had figured it out.
Randall Kahler
Mar 19 2018 14:38
@davidmichaelkarr Make sure you read up on Fargate, which makes a lot of this easier. But for the course you're going through, after you have an EC2 instance up and running you need to register that instance with the cluster using register-container-instance:
David M. Karr (fullname at
Mar 19 2018 16:12
@angrychimp Thanks for the fargate reference and the doc. The doc page for register-container-instance seems to say, as I thought, that container registration normally happens "automatically". That's also what the course implies.
David M. Karr (fullname at
Mar 19 2018 17:17
@angrychimp So if it normally happens automatically, is there a log somewhere that would show what it attempted to do, and why it didn't automatically register?