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Mar 2018
Mar 22 2018 09:55
Cheers I am going though this today
Mar 22 2018 10:08
Something else that has just turned up I want to do this

searchstring="Auto backed up on *"

images=$(aws ec2 describe-images --filter 'Name=description,Values=$searchstring' --query 'Images[?CreationDate>=2018-03-10].ImageId[]' --output text)

but the is causing issues, is it possible to save a string with in to a variable ? how do you escape it
Mar 22 2018 10:24
"*" causing the issues
Randall Kahler
Mar 22 2018 13:59
What you have should be working. What issues are you running into? After running that command, if you then run echo $images it'll look like a huge block of text because the newlines are squashed, but running echo "$images" (note the quotes) should make it look correct.