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May 2018
James Albert
May 07 2018 00:55
Hi all, I'm trying to update an ecs service with successive ecs-cli push, aws ecs register-task-definition, and aws ecs update-service commands. The results are expected: new image is created, new task definition revision created, and the service is updated with the new revision, but the task (even though it's tagged latest) still uses the old image. I pull the newly pushed image to my local machine and I can see the changes, but not on the service
anyone have this problem before?
Also, a manual update works just fine. The problem lies in aws ecs register-task-definition. I don't think it's a race condition either because I can run these commands multiple times and it still uses the same image I started with.
James Albert
May 07 2018 01:38
never underestimate the power of --force-new-deployment
that was the solution to my problem