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Azer Abdullaev
Thanks in advance!
@Like-all have you tried to reduce max_concurrent_requests https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/topic/s3-config.html#max-concurrent-requests
pavel schudel
hi! does anyone knows how to install python requirements on the AWS server that runs the lambda function? because I uploading modules like numpy that ware installed in a virtual env for mac to aws linux like it says in the documentation but this module has c compiled libraries that need to be installed on aws linux and not mac.
Fred Myerscough
architecture question....
i have a docker image i want to use to "chunk" up large CSV files. what is the best feature on AWS to run and scale this on?
I want to be able to fire a payload to it from a lambda when it finds a file that is too big is detected in S3
have tried using fargate but we hit the 20 instances cap quite quickly
Saurabh Rayakwar
If the run the script from emr I won’t be needing the aws credentials but if I try the same in local system I need the credentials. Just a quick question, when you give the aws credentials using fs.s3a.access.key how does the pyspark program understand that those are meant for aws only?! Do I need to include any package as well for that? - still a noob in aws
Is it possible to set http headers on S3 objects using the aws cli?
in particular I have automated deployment to s3 where I would like to set the cache control header on one of the objects I create
Harry Moreno
@kdxvc looks like awscli can't do it but https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd can
@morenoh149 Thanks!
David Filiatrault
Curious if the aws-cli team will be collaborating with the AmazonLinux team to have Amazon Linux 2 Repo's updated during ReInvent to include any new services released?
Julien Del Piccolo
hello, is there any documentation that describe the format expected by awscli aliases files that are put under .aws/cli/alias ?
i can't seem to find anything relevant
Saurav Gupta
Hey everyone, what's a good way to get a list of all possible cloudtrail events that can be generated in AWS? According to this, the API names map to cloudtrail eventNames (https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=789434).
How to get a list of APIs from aws cli?

Hi there,

we are setting up an EKS and would love to see these very handy PRs merged:


Is the chat the right way for requesting a PR or is it preferred to contact the AWS support directly?

Samarth Saxena
Hi guys,
anyone can help me out in that
I have created my AWS account last year on July but I didn't link my card so now if I link it will I get 1 year free trial from now or from the date I have created my account?
Heya, I am unable to ssh to aws server because I don't have PEM key. Is there any other possible method to ssh into the server? Help will be appreciated. Thanks.
@dpnashsh Nope
@Hillsie Thankyou for the response.
Phuong Nguyen
Anyone has experience setting jwplayer with AWS RMTP?
Hello! Does anyone know how can i get pending bills / payment history thru aws cli? Is it even possible?
Ronique Ricketts
hello every, I am getting an access denied on my s3 bucket when I try to add a policy
andrew quartey
@RoniqueRicketts does the AWS profile you're invoking the command with have the requisite permissions for S3 ? Check IAM
Ronique Ricketts
Yes I have full control from that account. I even switched to the master account and got the same error. I found out that I can’t attach a policy. However if I go in the Console and click permissions Then ACL and set both ACLs to false then go to the individual object and set that object as public then I am able to view the site. But I am still unable to set any policy on the entire bucket. I wonder if this is a bad thing to do. I am new to AWS so please shed some light.
hi guys
is this the right place to ask a question concerning AWS cloudfront redirection using S3 ?
Ronique Ricketts
I believe so
Sam Tozer
Hey anyone about?
I'm having some problems connecting to an instance of EB and my log is showing an SSL problem:
ERROR: URLError - <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:852)>
I believe its related to the load balancer in some way
Dharmendra Pandey
Hello everyone
can you please suggest, while connecting or during sync of larger folders from source to s3 bucket, session timeouts occurs.I want to copy/sync 500 GB to s3 bucket...
do I have any possibilities to increase session timeout or reload a new session/tickets which is approx 1 hour?
andrew quartey
@dharmendraatredpill-linpro using multipart upload?
Javier Romero
Hi my name is Javier, live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and work in the Network Operations Center of an Internet Service Provider as a Linux sysadmin.
Would like to know if there is something I can help with on the aws cli
maybe with testing or documenting
Is there a way I can retrieve a list of all "my" resources? "my" resources are ones created in my account across regions.
The only thing I can find that looks like it might help is to..... create an AWS Config collection then look at the resources it finds. Problem is it doesn't find all resources and it only picks up what's in its region.
andrew quartey
@adamfortuno i dont think that's possible. you'll have to iterate over the available regions.
I have a problem that hopefully someone here can help with:
eb init
WARNING: Git is in a detached head state. Using branch "default".
I receive that error a couple of times then it asks for codecommit y/n and whatever I do I get a few more of those warnings then nothing
i am not able to install aws cli in EC2 instace
can you some one help \
Ronique Ricketts
What errors are you getting