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anyone know if can use aws lambda to create a proxy (without the apigateway, just a lambda function)?
Hello, could anyone kindly point me to the v2 api reference for the aws sdk, ie v2 of this -
Kai Hendry
@bee-keeper something like ?
hi I am using elbv2 and trying to list classic elbs and its not working. Is there a way to list elbs with elbv2 using aws-sdk-go-v2 ?. Please let me know
Kai Hendry
@jasdel how best to allow users to toggle AWS_PROFILE?
Topher Sterling
Could we get a link to the Go docs ( ) added to the GitHub README for aws-sdk-v2?
Topher Sterling
The search results from google don't bring it up
And you can only find the v1 docs on the AWS website
Hi, I'd like to create PR regarding issue 227 - aws/aws-sdk-go-v2#227
but all of the services are autogenerated (it says do not edit)
ok, looks like it is models/apis/...
are you guys planning on changing this codegen style? it doesn't seem to be very flexible ...
Nick Brandaleone
Question. Is there an idiomatic way in the Go v2 SDK, to enumerate all regions? I wish to iterate through various resources in all regions, and I am curious if things have changed between v1/v2 in terms of process.
Kai Hendry
@nbrandaleone i go through the regions here:
Robert Christ
Hello. I am getting a "ThrottlingException" when doing a dynamodb PutItemRequest.Send(). I believe this is because my pay per request table is being resized automatically. My problem is I don't see a ThrottlingException defined in the service/dynamodb/errors.go file. I see it defined for many other services. I could just use one of the constants defined for another service since it is just a string but I am wondering if I am "doing it wrong" somehow.
Jason Del Ponte
@delbaeth you're correct. The model for the DynamoDB API does not include references to the ThrottlingException. I can forward this to the DynamoDB team, to see if they can update the model
guys, how can i encode a configservice.ConfigurationItem into a map[string]interface{} while using the tag locationName: to assign correct keys
Søren Dalby Larsen
Hi. Do I need to do anything in the config to make use of an s3 endpoint in a VPC. And if so, what?
Thomas Symborski
apologies if I'm missing something obvious, I've just started using the new SDK to manage MediaConvert. The first request I'm making (ListJobs) seems result in a nil deref exception because the HTTPResponse has not been set, further investigation shows the list of handlers for the Send action is empty, is this a misconfiguration on my part?
Thomas Symborski
example code for the above:
    ctx := context.Background()

    client := mediaconvert.New(aws.Config{
        Region: "filtered",
        Credentials: &aws.SafeCredentialsProvider{
            RetrieveFn: func() (aws.Credentials, error) {
                return aws.Credentials{
                    AccessKeyID:     "filtered",
                    SecretAccessKey: "filtered",
                }, nil
        EndpointResolver: &aws.ResolveWithEndpoint{
            URL: "filtered",

    resp, err := client.ListJobsRequest(nil).Send(ctx)
    spew.Dump(resp, err)
Thomas Symborski
after some more exploration, if I set the config using cfg, err := external.LoadDefaultAWSConfig() and then change the bits that I don't want pulled from the env, things seem to work
another anecdotal thing, if you have a trailing slash in your endpoint, the APIs fail with a non-obvious 403 error
Is there any schedule about V2 release?
I mean when it will be production ready.
Erik Swanson
Anyone have any ideas re this? (Affects the example, aws cli and v1 sdk are OK), the completely empty "caused by" is confusing:
panic: failed to describe table, EC2RoleRequestError: no EC2 instance role found
caused by: EC2MetadataError: failed to make Client request
caused by:

goroutine 1 [running]:
What is really making no sense is that I get no output even from adding cfg.LogLevel = aws.LogDebugWithHTTPBodybefore the dynamo stuff.
Erik Swanson
Roberto Guerra
How do you mock the Send function for kinesis in v2? I'm experimenting with using kinesisiface as recommended here ; but one thing that isn't provided in that interface is the Send function for a PutRequestRecord.
Roberto Guerra
How does one create a Config? I thought that a CredentialsProvider would be automatically created based on the AWS_PROFILE and the credentials file….. but that isn’t happening for me. It panics because the CredentialsProvider is nil.
Bobby R. Ward
Does aws-sdk-go-v2 support credentials through the AWS_ROLE_ARN/AWS_WEB_IDENTITY_TOKEN_FILE env vars? It doesn't look like it but I'm new to go and want to verify.
Kevin Lyda
Hey there. Just a thought, maybe link to the api docs in the README? I'm sure if I was doing Go dev all the time (I wish) I'd be able to quickly type up that godoc url, but I don't so it's hard to remember.
Kevin Lyda
Also, I'm using a NewGetLogEventsPaginator from cloudwatchlogs. I assign it to p and p.Next() always returns true.
The interface type, aws.Pager, says that Next() should return false if there's nothing left. Instead I'm looking to see if len(p.CurrentPage().Events) == 0.
Hello Everyone. I have some questions about the qldbsession service. Hope I can get some advice and help here. Thank you advanced.
Daniel Durante
Does the sdk v2 fix the whole "WriteAtBuffer" memory leak issue?
Vlad Ungureanu
Hey folks, any idea when support for ec2:DescribeInstanceTypes will land in the v2 sdk ?

when initiating an aws session and I've got MFA enabled on my account with MFA serial number in the credentials file I'm getting an error

panic: failed to load config, token provider required for AssumeRole with MFA

when I disable MFA and remove the MFA serial from the credentials, it works. Does this mean MFA is not currently supported?

Daniel Mangum
Hey folks! Wondering if anyone has experience using aws-sdk-go-v2 to assume a role using web identity tokens? It appears as though it has been enabled here (aws/aws-sdk-go#2667) but not yet in v2 ( However, I believe it should be possible to do manually with the sts client.
cc @jasdel
Daniel Mangum
^ follow-up on above, I was able to get this working manually, and hopefully will be able to get it contributed back upstream to make it more seamless for others in the future :)
Thomas Symborski
is anyone from AWS monitoring this chat?
George Kontridze
Why were environemnt variable names unexported? aws/aws-sdk-go-v2#508
Tom Bruno
@gkze I imagine those were unexported so that the values couldn't be tampered with after initialization.
I misread the patch, that is interesting
Question: Is basic functionality for endpoint IoT (MQTT pub/sub) support via aws-sdk-go-v2? Example ( That example is pretty easy to follow, but I get lost trying to find similar API calls in aws-sdk-go-v2
Callum Dempsey Leach
Hey guys, I've never ever been able to get the conditional expression for the AWS V1 SDK to work with updates. Is this something that people have experienced issues with and is resolved in the v2?
Are you able to pass the secret key and access key instead of loading from the environment? if so is there an example?
for go v2 sdk
AWS gophers, I have found a non-working example in API v1 for ec2 DescribeSpotPriceHistory. It is not found in v2. Should I PR the v1 API ?