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Repo info
    Hi how I can use lamba layer in java? if maven is throwing an error that can't find the jar?
    because the maven install is executed before the template
    when using a buildspec file in a pipeline
    Please guide how to start learning Aws
    I am totally lost after searching a lot in google
    Hello everyone, is there any way that when uploading a file from the aws3 CLI, a java event is created that lets you know when the file has started to upload and when it has finished?
    Hello channel,
    I have created AWS lambda function in spring framework using AWS Proxy Integration. It is working fine with API Gateway trigger. But in my case I also need to invoke that function from another lambda function.
    How can I do that?
    Karan Bansal
    Hello @david-at-aws @ttjsu-aws @soo-aws
    I was wondering that aws sdk supports which TLS versions while connecting to AWS environment?
    Hello. I am working with a project that is using getUnprocessedItems from a batch operation result (sending PutItemOperation). But as this code also handles exceptions such as InternalServerErrorException, ItemCollectionSizeLimitExceededException,
    , ProvisionedThroughputExceededException, and ResourceNotFoundException
    so when does getUnprocessedItems really return something?
    I am a new learner of aws-java-sdk. now I have a question to init the AWSPricing . I posted the question on the stackoverflow. the link is https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55060024/how-to-init-awspricing-client-by-awspricingclientbuilder-the-latest-version.
    Do the AWS DEV team have the basic demo of the AWSPricing to show how to init and use AWSPricing?
    After trying some method, I made some progress.
    Oscar Vargas Torres

    Hi! I tried instructions from https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-java to build from source on Windows 10:

    mvn clean install "-Dgpg.skip=true"

    but it is failing to run the FullUriCredentialsEndpointProviderTest (specifically on the authorizationHeaderIsPresentIfEnvironmentVariableSet() test method, line 67)

    Oscar Vargas Torres
    Note: It works without problems on Linux.

    i'm new to AWS service....

    i want use java sdk of AWS

    And i need perform put operations using inbuilt api

    can any one help me out on this procedure on the api or provide examples which i can use to run

    and test..

    i have Bucketname url,secrety key

    now i just need to know how can i used java sdk thing the details i have to perform pubobject kind of operations

    can any one help me out by sending a example please
    Sam Fink
    @AwsShaffi_twitter there are examples using the Java SDK here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UploadObjSingleOpJava.html
    hey all! new here.
    I've been using the SDK to write to S3 via Apache Beam, but I've been running into issues with the connection pool dying.
    when I scale it up
    anyone else seen something similar before?
    i am facing an issue with AWS S3 java api
    i am using eclipse aws toolkit plugin
    i have loaded keys
    whatever i am accesing through AWS CLI to S3 bucket
    i am not able to access from java api
    getting acces denied error
    please suggest some clue
    Hi. Please forgive me as this is my first time here. Has anyone been able to use maven to compile aws sdk and getting over the javax.xml.bind does not exist compilation error? I've researched and updated the pom.xml for the dependency but still getting the same error.
    error: package javax.xml.bind does not exist --> this is because \amazonaws\util\Base64.java uses JAXBContext
    Herman Othelius
    Hi, im trying to test scenarios when batchWrite/batchDelete would return a list of FailedBatches, anyone got simular unit tests they can share with me? :P
    hello, wondering how to filter tags in servicecatalog's search-provisioned-products? Thx
    Rajkumar Banala

    I need to integrate email validations in my project.
    We are sending thousand's of email where some emails doesn't exits(due to spelling mistakes), some emails will be spam. due to this while sending, emails got bounce. if more bounces occur, account will be blocked.

    Email validation will check the below following:
    1) check basic format
    2) check email really exists or not (email deliverable or not)
    3) check email is spam or not like (10 minutes emails as yourmail@sharklasers.com)
    is there any third party vendors free libraries to validate email?.
    implementation can be in Java, PHP, etc...
    i tried some free libraries which is in Java & PHP. but it gives less accuracy.
    if there is no free libraries for good accuracy, i may go with paid libraries(paid vendors).

    if anyone knows please guide me.

    Szymon Gałązka
    Hello there.
    I am trying to delete about 5mln records on dynamo. I first get it as PaginatedScanList. Then I invoke batchDelete() which is basically batchWrite(). In the middle of the process, i got java heap space error. I thought BatchDelete is handling it by deleting 25 records at once and such a situation shouldn't happen.
    Hi! I Find NotebookInstances List for AWS SDK for Java Example ~...
    Adi Nemer
    Hello, everyone, I have a question about the ec2 (CreateInstance) example, I always get the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: software/amazon/awssdk/services/ec2/model/Ec2Exception
    Is there another thing I have to include in the pom file besides ec2?!
    Federico Cocco
    @here Hello. I'm trying to perform local testing using a Docker instance of DynamoDB Local. I keep getting Failed to begin subsegment named 'AmazonDynamoDBv2': segment cannot be found. due to xray. Is there a way to disable xray for local testing? Thanks
    Hi , I am newbie to AWS java. I need to create a java desktop project to connect, disconnect, publish and subscribe. I don't even know what are the entities i need to create a client, some websites shows to use certificate file, some shows to use AWSACCESSKEYID & AWSSECRETKEYID. I don't know where to start. I planned to use netbeans IDE. Could someone please direct me to start from the scratch.
    Hi @adinemer , Thank you. With these reference I have developed a basic program to connect but I am getting a exception MqttException (0) - java.io.IOException: WebSocket Response header: Incorrect upgrade. Can someone please help me out.

    Here is the code:

    public class logging
    public logging(String endpoint, String clientId, String accessKeyId, String secretAccessKey) {

      AWSIotMqttClient mqttClient = new AWSIotMqttClient(endpoint, clientId, accessKeyId, secretAccessKey);
        try {
            System.out.println("Connection successful");
        } catch (AWSIotException ex) {
            java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger(logging.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String ep = "epxxxx";
        String clientid = "client_idxxx";
        String acceskeyid = "accesskeyxxxx";
        String secureaccesskey = "secureacceskeyxxxx";
        logging lgn = new logging(ep, clientid, acceskeyid, secureaccesskey);


    James Pace
    I was looking at making a small contribution to the aws-sdk-java-s3 module and I was wondering if there are unit tests for the client? If so, where are they?
    I don't have any unit test for the client but somehow I solved this problem by adding the below content in the POM.xml
    @pacey Are we suppose to create a unit test for our program or Maven itself creates unit test suite? don't mistake if it is silly, i am new to Maven. Day before yesterday only started.
    James Pace
    I'm not entirely sure @sdessingou, this is my first time committing to the project. The contribution guide recommends adding tests for your change, which is totally fine. But I can only seem to find tests for the utility type classes
    @pacey somehow i am able to successfully publish a data to the aws server under a topic. How to view the subscribed data?
    Debora Naomi Ito
    @sdessingou regarding the MqttException message, your sample code is using the AWSIotMqttClient from aws-iot-device-sdk-java, which is a different project than the aws-sdk-java. I don't think they have a gitter channel, but you can open a new issue on their Github repository: https://github.com/aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-java/issues
    Matthew Miller
    @/all The AWS SDK for Java will no longer support Java 6: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/developer/the-aws-sdk-for-java-will-no-longer-support-java-6/