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Repo info
  • Aug 12 18:27

    aws-sdk-js-automation on master

    Updates SDK to v2.1194.0 (compare)

  • Aug 12 18:27

    aws-sdk-js-automation on v2.1194.0


  • Aug 12 13:07
    davehorton commented #4173
  • Aug 12 13:07
    davehorton closed #4173
  • Aug 11 18:24

    aws-sdk-js-automation on master

    Updates SDK to v2.1193.0 (compare)

  • Aug 11 18:24

    aws-sdk-js-automation on v2.1193.0


  • Aug 11 10:37
    jay3dec commented #4070
  • Aug 11 08:44
    BrianArch96 commented #3891
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    BrianArch96 commented #3891
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    github-actions[bot] unlabeled #4151
  • Aug 10 18:26

    aws-sdk-js-automation on master

    Updates SDK to v2.1192.0 (compare)

  • Aug 10 18:26

    aws-sdk-js-automation on v2.1192.0


  • Aug 10 09:57
    swapsCAPS closed #4177
  • Aug 10 07:55
    yhaskell commented #4151
ziwei wu
This my current code but it's returning 502 for some reason.
 try {
    const response = await dynamo.get(params).promise()

        "dynamoResponse: " + JSON.stringify(response, undefined, 2));

    if (JSON.stringify(response.Item) === {}) {
      console.log("Got Empty response, returning 404")
      return {
        statusCode: 404, body: "error: display preference is not found"
            + " for the user"

    return {statusCode: 200, body: JSON.stringify(response.Item)}
  } catch (e) {
    return {statusCode: 500, body: e}
I am using dymamo.DocumentClient btw.
ziwei wu
Nvm, I figure it out, we need to check for JSON.stringify(response) === '{}'
Guillaume Duparquet
Hi there ! I'm having a weird issue: We're doing end-to-end testing using dynamodb-local docker image, my colleagues and the CI are going through it without any troubles, but I'm getting an "ValidationException: ExpressionAttributeValues contains invalid value: One or more parameter values were invalid: An AttributeValue may not contain an empty string for key" exception. After a quick search, it appears to be an old behavior of the dynamodb client that has been changed in latest versions. But I'm still getting this error despite the fact that I'm using the .
I tried removing node_modules folders, deleting yarn.lock file, removing/updating aws cli, made sure I was on the same nodejs version.
Any idea of what the issue can come from ?
Guillaume Duparquet
Can't edit my first message, wanted to give the info that I use v2.817
Drew Miller
Anyone tried using AWS SDK v3 with Kinesis to listen to events using an enhanced fanout consumer? :fingers-crossed: It seems like there is a bug, and the subscribeToShardCommand never completes.
The HTTP/2 connection seems to finish, but the callback never happens.

Hi guys, when I try to use the STS(V3) to get the credentials, it always returns an error like below

Error: Credential is missing
    at SignatureV4.eval [as credentialProvider] (runtimeConfig.browser.js?cb2b:15)
    at SignatureV4.eval (SignatureV4.js?5fd9:169)
    at step (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:100)
    at Object.eval [as next] (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:81)
    at eval (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:74)
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at __awaiter (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:70)
    at SignatureV4.signRequest (SignatureV4.js?5fd9:165)
    at SignatureV4.eval (SignatureV4.js?5fd9:85)
    at step (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:100)

And my code is

const REGION = 'us-east-1';
const client = new STSClient({ region: REGION });
const params = {
  RoleArn: 'arn:aws:iam::12345678:role/test',
  RoleSessionName: 'awssdk'
const command = new AssumeRoleCommand(params);
 client.send(command).then(d => console.log(d)).catch(err => console.log(err));

do you have any ideas?

Kevin Song

I am getting the same issue,

Error: Credential is missing
    at SignatureV4.eval [as credentialProvider]


import { DynamoDBClient, ListTablesCommand } from "@aws-sdk/client-dynamodb"

(async () => {
  const client = new DynamoDBClient({ region: "us-east-1" });
  const command = new ListTablesCommand({});
  try {
    const results = await client.send(command);
  } catch (err) {

and I have ~/.aws/credentials with aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key, and aws_session_token. aws cli works fine, no idea why it can't find the credentials

Pavel Vaysberg
Hi :wave: Does anybody know how to set caching on ECS task metadata response? My application is running into rate limiting issues
hi guys, im getting an error when trying to install aws-sdk in visual studio
'awsk-sdk@latest' is not in the npm registry.'
npm ERR! code E404
npm ERR! 404 Not Found - GET https://registry.npmjs.org/awsk-sdk - Not found
npm ERR! 404
npm ERR! 404 'awsk-sdk@latest' is not in the npm registry.
npm ERR! 404 You should bug the author to publish it (or use the name yourself!)
npm ERR! 404
npm ERR! 404 Note that you can also install from a
npm ERR! 404 tarball, folder, http url, or git url.
this is the whole thing that i get
Trivikram Kamat

@/all Please upgrade to Node.js >=10.x by 2021-10-31

The support for Node.js <10.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v2) is going to end on 2021-11-01

Nev Stokes
Hey all - am I missing something obvious? Trying to use AWS SDK v3 with Cognito for anonymous access and, despite copy-pasting the identity pool id from the AWS Console, I'm only ever getting a "Resource Not Found" error when I try
const config = { region: "xx-xxxx-x" };
const client = new CognitoIdentityClient(config);
const credentialsRequest = new GetCredentialsForIdentityCommand({
  IdentityId: `${config.region}:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx`,
const credentialsResponse = await client.send(credentialsRequest);
Talha Javaid Malik

@/all Please upgrade to Node.js >=10.x by 2021-10-31

The support for Node.js <10.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v2) is going to end on 2021-11-01

its very weird because most of our web3 functions didn't work out at all in latest versions of nodejs, and the more stable is web3 the more it is unstable


Hello, Iam testing AWS Transcribe but can't get it working. I started with StartTranscriptionJob . This requires a string uri for Media, but I got a blob in Nodejs. Then I switched to StartStreamTranscription . But that requires an AudioStream.

Is there no API that allows you to send a blob and get the transcription?

@RobertGKDev I have limited knowledge on this. What I know so far is that you may need to put your blob in S3, then start the job

@RobertGKDev I have limited knowledge on this. What I know so far is that you may need to put your blob in S3, then start the job

Okay... one more unnecessary step, because I don't need the blob to be stored permanently in a datastore.

hey I had a quick question that might be dumb
with cognito, are aws accesstokens that are generated unique to that session, and can never be forged?
also what is event_id in the payload
is it non-fungible as well?
Paulina Grunwald
Hi! I am experiencing some issues with aws-sdk/client-sns. When i run function publish i get following errors. It's strange because i follow the way it's done in AWS docs. any ideas how t fix it?
Thanks in advance for help!
I'm trying to upgrade my AppSyncClient from SDK v2 to v3. Is there any documentation on how to query my API and get data back, or actually do anything with AppSync. Apart from the generated API docs which don't help, I cannot find anything for AppSync v3
@paulina-grunwald this is due to the typescript compilation. How do you import the SNS client ?
did they remove support for simpledb in JS SDK v3?
Has anyone here worked with unzipping files from s3 before?
How to integrate AWS SDK in Nodejs
install through npm install aws-sdk, and then refer to the aws sdk javascript docs
@BertrandMarechal thanks!
I have integrate video subtitle using AWS transcribe in nodejs.
any can help me
Hello everyone
Gaël Ferrachat


Using AWS SDK v3, I have an EC2Client which needs to send request to 2 different regions.
Note it should not happen concurrently, it depends on another configuration which can be switched at runtime.

EC2ClientConfig used when creating the client allows us to pass the region as a Provider<string> (Provider<T> being () => Promise<T>)

So we configured the client with a Promise based on our configuration.

And that works, at least to resolve the endpoint and so on.
The issue is when signing the request, the signin region is always the first region the client "saw".

Do you know how to fixes this, without having 2 clients ?

Rob Newport
hello js people, anyone here point me to API docs for browser javascript cognito registration without using React or Node? I found a page for login, but cant seem to find it for registration. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cognito/latest/developerguide/authentication.html
Not sure if aws-cognito-sdk.min.js and amazon-cognito-identity.min.js support registration.
#4101 I hope someone can help me with that, thank you
Ali Kazmi
guys, anybody know how to migrate an aws rekognition collection to another region?
Hi has anyone seen intermittent failure of "SignatureDoesNotMatch: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided...." Error with using SQS? It comes up maybe 3 out of 1000 messages and came up on both receive message and delete message. Have been looking at open&closed issues and stack overflow and not a lot of people seem to get this with SQS and in most cases, they get the error consistently.