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    aws-sdk-js-automation on v2.533.0


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    aws-sdk-js-automation on master

    Updates SDK to v2.533.0 (compare)

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    aws-sdk-js-automation on v2.532.0


  • Sep 19 20:49

    aws-sdk-js-automation on master

    Updates SDK to v2.532.0 (compare)

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andrew bernard
Kenneth Pascascio
has anyone worked with connecting to a postgres rds from psql
Can you please elaborate AppSync offline capability implementation and can we customize based on our need?
Can you also help me understand does AppSync have the state of the connected clients at any time? i mean if AppSync service has 10 clients can ApSync would be able able to say how many clients are online at any particular time?
Dorival Pedroso
Hello, does anyone know how to find the meaning of a Cloud Formation Physical Resource ID? For example, the Physical ID of an EC2 Resource is the instance ID, the Physical ID of an ApiGateway::RestApi is part of the url. Is there any place describing meaning of the Physical ID for each resource? Thanks.
Sufian Abu-Rab
Hello does anyone have links to some resources how to create an elastic beanstalk environment with an client- and an api-server (react as frontend and php as backend)?
Roja Sree
Had anyone tried out aws lambda?
Eric D Moore

@cpmech I have spent a good amount of time in cloudformation docs - and I find many of them "significantly hurried" - but as it relates to a physicalID - I think that is contrast to a Logical ID that you might have named it in a CFM template.

For Ref - relating to GatewayRest example: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSCloudFormation/latest/UserGuide/aws-resource-apigateway-restapi.html

is that what you are asking about? or did I misunderstand the question
@MRSree410_twitter yeah its pretty neat - of course it depnds on your use case. cold starts are a poor feature for some use cases - other than that i love it
Eric D Moore
@adamfortuno did you get your question answered?
I am trying import the entire SDK like this: var AWS = require('aws-sdk/dist/aws-sdk-react-native'); However, when I load the application I keep getting an error saying "Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined". I have tried to include the require.js file from requirejs.org, however it still doesnt seem to be working. Any suggestions on how to solve this?
Ayushya Chitransh
@shaween18 Are you trying to require in server side language or a client side language?
These errors point to general errors of your application and are not specifically related to aws-sdk
Dorival Pedroso

@ericdmoore Thanks for the reply. What I meant is that the Ref turns out to be exactly the same as the PhysicalID (always). For example, in this template:

AWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09
Description: An example template for a Step Functions state machine.
    Type: 'AWS::IAM::Policy'
      PolicyName: 'CFNUsers'
        Version: '2012-10-17'
          - Effect: 'Allow'
              - 'cloudformation:Describe*'
              - 'cloudformation:List*'
              - 'cloudformation:Get*'
            Resource: '*'
        - 'temporary'
    Value: !Ref MyPolicy

MyPolicy and the resource name for AWS::IAM::Policy will equal the PhysicalID.

I've checked manually that

Ref(AWS::StepFunctions::StateMachine) = ARN = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::SQS::Queue) = Queue URL = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::Cognito::UserPool) = generated ID = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::ApiGateway::RestApi) = Rest API ID = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::EC2::Instance) = instance ID = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::S3::Bucket) = resource name = PhysicalID
Ref(AWS::IAM::Policy) = resource name = PhysicalID

Also, there is an experiment here showing that the Ref becomes the PhysicalID always: https://gist.github.com/danp3d/386d7a249c49704601a14345f2d5ce43

In this experiment, it looks like the !Ref function always returns the PhysicalResourceId.

So, I've found that Ref => PhysicalID. I'm wondering if there is some place in the Cloudformation doc explaining the meaning of the PhysicalID for any resource?

Or, is there a place mentioning the fact that Ref = PhysicalID?

Thanks again.

@AyushyaChitransh I am doing it on the client side language
Jordan Toro
Hi everyone. I've has a site up for about a year where you can upload a picture and details for an event or party. The image gets uploaded to an s3 bucket. The access keys are stored in environment variables.. Sometime last week it stopped working and I get "CredentialsError: Missing credentials in config" when trying to create a new event. I haven't changed a thing. Any thoughts?
My S3 setup looks like
var s3 = new aws.S3({
accessKeyId: process.env.HOTNIGHTEVENTSBUCKETID,
secretAccessKey: process.env.HOTNIGHTEVENTSBUCKETSECRET,
region: 'us-east-2'
Have the access keys/user associated with them expired or keys rotated?
Jordan Toro
I just changed them, and actually hard coded them in the code (local on my machine) just to test them out. Still didn't work
I am having a real tough time trying to port the SDK to Rhino, I have hacked together the signature code and to my surprise it worked...for certain requests only
for instance Comprehend.DetectSentiment works just fine, as does EC2.DescribeInstances
EC2.RunInstances does not work
I take the exact same request and run it in Postman no problem, but from within my environment i always get AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials
i can see from the Signature that the value is different, but that doesnt really tell me anything with Postman because I can't break the request down into parts, I am able to do that with the Python example and have verified at every step, the output is identical (or at least visibly it is identical)
any suggestions would be huge, i have messed with this for almost a week and made no progress
i ended up finding the answer, there was documentation which implied requests would be GETs, this assumption was further compounded by the fact that Postman sent the particular request I was using as a GET, however my signature process which was adapted from a one-off example was not able to sign this request in that way, converting the request to a POST instead worked
Hi All, I'm a little new to Javascript development, and am using an implementation of Google's V8, and getting this sdk loaded is a nightmare, the require function doesn't appear to work the same, and the module object doesn't exist. Has anyone had any experience with this, and how I might be able to get it working?
I download aws-sdk file in my system and mention it in the index.ejs file as script and getting the "config" undefined error
where as if i give "online URL" then working fine without any error.Kindly guide me how i can use this locally
Hi! I have different accounts under the same organization, each with their own AWS credentials, and I would like to use node to connect to both at the same time. Is this possible to do? It seems when I call AWS.config.update, it overwrites the previous connection's credentials.
Aqeel Raza
Hi everyone. I want to verify which stage my api gateway is attached with api-gateway or not.
I want to write unit test which give me in result list of api gateway, where i can find api-gateway missing on this stage. Is there any way where i can get difference on my satges
Roi Caspy
Hi all. I’m working on a nodejs app hosted on aws k8s with 2 replicas. The app sometimes starts a long running job that is executed on an ec2 instance. Every minute it polls for status and updates a database record . Is there any best practice to monitor the running pod and recover the polling process if the pod crashes or gets “replaced”?
is there a way to configure the aws-sdk to always send a custom header for all requests ?

afternoon - so I am trying to filter out my logGroups using describeLogGroups and I am having issues using logGroupNamePrefix for the param - I can't seem to properly provide any regex values as it always come back and says:

InvalidParameterException: 1 validation error detected: Value '..........' at 'logGroupNamePrefix' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must satisfy regular expression pattern: [.-_/#A-Za-z0-9]+

but when I pass in the first value of the prefix - that matches - it returns...
or am I mistaken that this prop takes in a regex statement
Jordhan Carvalho
Hey guys, on the front-end developer point of view i see a lot of people using apollo to query AppSync, wouldnt it be easier to use API.graphql to perform the queries? Appreciate any info on the matter
we're investigating aws chatbot to publish messages to slack on demand (via sns.publish to a specific topic)
we have a bot subscribed to a specific topic, but sns messages published to that topic are not being consumed by the chatbot
we've added the aws slackbot to the corresponding slack channel
in short, can I create an aws chatbot that can consume arbitrary messages being published to an SNS topic?
messages not being published by aws services, but an arbitrary node backend
Jesse Roy-Cote
Hello kind folk! I was wondering, how would one go about retrieving a pinpoint longcode through the pinpoint sdk
John Skoteiniotis
Hi all, this might not be the correct place to ask but I was wondering, is there a way to buy items remotely? We have a website that we want to be able to buy stuff from amazon automatically for the customer, instead of sending the customer to amazon and expecting them to buy it manually. Any chance this exists on an API?
Md. Alamin (Miraje)
Hi there, is there any package to compress (zip) s3 folders and in the meantime zip will be uploaded to another bucket folder? thanks
Hi all, does anyone know how to read parameters passed to aws batch in node js invoked by docker ?
Geoffrey King
I'm able to successfully use the CLI EC2InstanceConnect service to push a public SSH key to an ec2 instance. However, when I try to use the aws-sdk version, I get a CORS error (No Access-Control-Allow-Origin header). Does anyone know if EC2InstanceConnect is supposed to or will be CORS supported?
Walter Miller
I want to do a multipart upload from the browser to a node server that will then do a multipart upload to s3... Is there a library that will help me do that smoothly? It'd be nice if I didn't have to deal with chunking the file twice
Robin Viktorsson
Evening! I got an website that access resources from an AWS S3 bucket. The bucket is now public. But I am making it private, and in the bucket I want a folder for each authenticated user, and the user should only access resources from his/her folder. In order to create a system like that I need to make use of IAM, right?
Victor Villacis
I have launched an Elastic Beanstalk Node.js enviroment. I have SSH into the EC2 instance and uploaded a vaild SSL certificate. I have modified the NGINX config file and opened port 443 in the security groups. However I still can't get HTPPS in the URL. Can anyone help?