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Repo info
    Hasan Bayat
    Hello all. How do i use Amazon Polly in Unity?
    Marcus Lindblom

    Hi, I'm using dotnet core 1.0.1, AWSSDK.S3 version and my bucket region is eu-west-1. When I'm using the UploadPartRequest the client throws an Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Exception:

    The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint. The configuration I'm using works fine when I upload using the TransferUtilityUploadRequest.

    I Can't see any reported issues on Github regarding this issue so any suggestions are appreciated.

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if there are some decent examples / tutorials on CloudSearch (c#) implementations? Thanks
    Darnelle Fevrier
    hi guys any tutorials on how to use amazon cognito user pools with xamarin especially how to safely transfer username and passwords?
    or grouping with amazon federated identities with facebook claims?
    im having trouble finding information to help me code for grouping via the .net sdk
    Morning all, I submitted a Pull-request to setup a new feature in the AWS SDK for .Net, but I'd really like to get the thing building on my local machine, can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Steven Kang
    Hi @majic79, you can build sdk/AWSSDK.Desktop.sln and sdk/AWSSDK.CoreCLR.sln files.
    I believe those solutions also include some S3 unit/integration tests you can run.
    Pawan Sharma
    Hello All, I have created a small app that would display AWS EC2 resources in Tree View using the Javascript SDK. The app takes any resource id ranging from elb/alb name, instance, volume, network interface and would display all the children of the top node of the given id/name. https://github.com/pawansharma15/cloudTreeView. Please review and suggest improvements. Thank you!
    Jared Kauppila
    Where does the PowerShell module live? Is it somewhere within the solution or is it not on GitHub?
    Steve Roberts
    The PowerShell module isn't open source at this time. If you want to raise an issue, or have a question or feature request feel free to post in the Issues section for the SDK.
    Damian Hickey
    I'm considering writing an OAuth2 server as-a-lambda function. Conceptually it could work ok. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this. Performance? Gotchas?
    Harry Walter
    Do PR's get reviewed often at all? The Core is currently completely broken for Unity 2017 and I think I've a fix but I can't get it to build locally (mac user) against a valid framework version

    Hello, I am trying to install 'AWSSDK.Extensions.CognitoAuthentication 0.9.1, but get this error:

    Could not install package 'AWSSDK.Extensions.CognitoAuthentication 0.9.1'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'WindowsPhoneApp,Version=v8.1', but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author.

    Does it mean this Extension doesn't support Windows Phone yet? Or there is anything I can do to install it for my WindowPhone project?

    Norm Johanson
    @quangtrung89 The AWSSDK.Extensions.CognitoAuthentication library targets .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard 1.3. We haven't made a version that targets Windows Phone.
    Hey Guys,
    In case you're using Slack & AWS: We built a slash(/) command tool for Slack that searches your AWS. You can find instances (by tags etc..), queues (+refresh to monitor them) and more ... If you want to play with it you can get it from here (https://www.beehive.ai/aws-on-slack). Setup is straight FW (IAM + Slack app). Would love to get feedback and ideas/or requests. Cheers,
    I really need help. I'm getting build errors now after using the AWSSDK for awhile. Has anyone encountered these errors before? Any ideas how to fix this? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46790807/what-causes-this-amazon-build-error-in-uwp-release-mode?noredirect=1#comment80529582_46790807
    Corey Coto
    Hi. Anything else I need to do to have this PR reviewed? aws/aws-sdk-net#769
    Norm Johanson
    @coreycoto PR looks good. I'll push it through our build system.
    Norm Johanson
    @jefhai I responded on StackOverflow, basically we released new NuGet packages that has a fix for resolving which framework for UWP apps.
    Corey Coto
    @normj thanks!
    Norm Johanson
    @coreycoto Thanks for the pull request!
    Paul Thurston
    Hello, I am trying out the SDK for Unity, specifically the analytics package. I was wondering if analytics will still work in WebGL builds in addition to Android and iOS.
    Norm Johanson
    @pthurston The Unity support does not support WebGL
    Paul Thurston
    Thanks, do you think it would be possible if we used the Javascript SDK in WebGl builds instead? It seams to be possible to call raw javascript in Unity: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/webgl-interactingwithbrowserscripting.html
    Norm Johanson
    @pthurston I'm not sure if that works but I'm curious how it works out for you?
    hi, i am using Unity 2017.3 and aws sdk for unity. I found an error. if I write long message to lambda , it occur exception
    Amazon.Lambda.AmazonLambdaException: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method. Consult the service documentation for details.
    it didn't occur when I use unity 2017.2, but it occured 2017.3 .should I downgrade my Unity?
    what I use lambda sdk is "AWSSDK.Lambda.".
    Saineshwar Bageri
    Hi friends i want to use Facial analysis API in .Net application but where to start is question
    Norm Johanson
    @saineshwar Have you looked at the AWS Rekognitiion service https://docs.aws.amazon.com/rekognition/latest/dg/what-is.html? The NuGet package is AWSSDK.Rekognition
    Renato Golia
    Hey everybody! when invoking a Lambda with InvokeType RequestResponse, is the task I get from the IAmazonLambda.InvokeAsync method fail if the remote function fails?
    Anyway, after a quick test, InvokeAsync does not throw if the invoked function fails to execute. The response contains a "FunctionError" property to be checked, I created a small extension method to throw an Exception in case. (see: https://github.com/Kralizek/sqs-poller/blob/master/src/SqsPoller/PollItemEventHandler.cs#L101)
    Garry Polley
    I'm attempting to setup a new asp.net core app using visual studio for the mac.
    I get this error each time I attempt to run my tests.
    Amazon.Runtime.AmazonClientException : No RegionEndpoint or ServiceURL configured
    Anyone have an idea on why this occurs?
    Google is not helping me out.
    Steven Kang
    @garrypolley how are you exposing your preferred region? Are you exposing it via appsettings.json?
    Garry Polley
    I think I figured it out. I didn't have the appsettings.json (and the various environment versions of that file) being added to the build directory.
    Really the output directory.
    Steven Kang
    Garry Polley
    Thanks for the help.
    Developing on the Mac, there seems to be a few things left out of a lot of the AWS tutorials. Seems to assume a windows development enviornment.
    Renato Golia
    This message was deleted
    Hi. Trying to get started with DynamoDB and .NET core. I can't get the example code from the documentation to compile. Compiler complains about every method call I'm trying to make on my instance of AmazonDynamoDBClient. Everything up to that point compiles for example creation of AmazonDynamoDBClient, PutItemRequest etc but trying to execute client.PutItem(request1); where client is an instance of AmazonDynamoDBClient fails with AmazonDynamoDBClient.PutItem(PutItemRequest)' is inaccessible due to its protection level. Of course this method is public so I really struggle with coming up with an explanation to this.
    Norm Johanson
    @bobrov82 In .NET Core only async operations are supported. The example you must be following in the docs must be for .NET Framework which supports both sync and async. .NET Core only supports async because that is all the underlying HttpClient supports.