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Repo info
    can anyone help me ?
    how to build aws-sdk-net ?
    Sazid Hossain Banna
    This chat looks dead
    but just in case
    Wondering about how to implement SQS
    Om Prakash
    Using AWS elastic beanstalk we r trying to upload file . But It's Throwing exception.
    "Message": "An error has occurred.",
    "ExceptionMessage": "Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\assets\ABC195415319.txt' is denied.",
    "ExceptionType": "System.UnauthorizedAccessException",
    Hello friends!
    Ameer Thasthahir
    May I know the average response time of AWS SDK API for .Net?
    How good is your network connection?
    There's very little actual overhead in the SDK. It's mostly just wrapping REST API calls.
    Carlos Fernandez
    Quick question: do the maintainers of the AWS-NET-SDK accept pull requests? There is no CONTRIBUTING.MD or guidelines for contributing like other AWS repos...
    maybe someone from AWS can respond? @fulghum ?
    Hippie Techie

    hello ~

    have some issues trying to run aws-sdk-net on my .net v4.7 plugin.
    I require to am trying to authenticate to S3 bucket via cognito identity, however there seems to be an exception thrown when I attempt to create a CognitoAWSCredential.

    Exception thrown: 'System.TypeLoadException' in AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity.dll

    Am really stuck and am hoping if someone has been through this and understand why I am facing this issue
    Carlos Fernandez
    The "TypeLoadException" happens when an assembly cannot be found in the output directory of the compilation...
    So you need to understand why the AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity.dll file is not being copied to the bin/debug or bin/release folder
    Hippie Techie
    I manually checked the directory where the plugin is loaded, and the AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity.dll file seems to be there.
    would this mean that it is not being loaded in to the program somehow?
    Carlos Fernandez
    probably... unfortunately it's complicated to try and help you through chat... maybe check the stack trace and the inner exception message. also make sure that the "Path" where it's trying to load the file from is the same as the folder where the DLL is?
    also, is this a windows desktop app? a server app? are you debugging locally?
    make sure you can get it running locally
    Hippie Techie
    ok will try, thanks Carlos~ :)
    Hippie Techie
    fixed @carlosrfernandez !! you were right, i had to check the stack trace further in order to find out the path that the dll is being loaded from.
    the debugging portion that helped me to fix this issue was the module window that is available only during debugging : " Debug > window > modules "
    more info here if you face a similar issue aws/aws-sdk-net#1409
    Ajay Singh
    I am trying to call the AWS API Gateway API secured with API Key. Things are working fine from PostMan but when calling from .Net Core using HttpClient every time I am getting 403 i.e Forbidden message. I using the following code
    HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
        HttpRequestMessage request = new HttpRequestMessage(new HttpMethod("POST"),  _configuration["AppSettings:SendFeedBackTaskUrl"]);
        request.Headers.Add("x-api-key", _configuration["AppSettings:SendFeedBackTaskUrlCode"]);
        string data = $"{{\"completedTaskId\":\"{currentTaskId.ToString()}\",\"companyCode\":\"{companyCode}\"}}";
        request.Content = new StringContent(data, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");
        var response = await client.SendAsync(request);
    Paul Mattingly
    Hello, I am using the AmazonDynamoDBClient and seeing a few different WebExceptions that I need to troubleshoot. They usually have one of the following messages, "A WebException with status ReceiveFailure was thrown", "A WebException with status RequestCancelled was thrown" or "A WebException with status KeepAliveFailure was thrown". How can I go about working out where these are coming from? Thanks
    Kim Zhu
    I got a question, anyone know how to create a sqs queue with the lambda trigger in .net core? I cannot find the option in sqsClient.CreateQueueAsync (see below)
    using (var sqsClient = new AmazonSQSClient(sqsConfig))
    await sqsClient.CreateQueueAsync(new CreateQueueRequest {
    QueueName = "myqueue",
    Attributes =
    { QueueAttributeName.MaximumMessageSize, "262144"},
    { QueueAttributeName.DelaySeconds, "0"},
    { QueueAttributeName.MessageRetentionPeriod, "691200" },
    { QueueAttributeName.ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds, "10"},
    { QueueAttributeName.VisibilityTimeout, "300"}
    but I cannot find the option to set the Lambda trigger
    Danilo Nobre

    Hello guys, I'm having the exactly same issue that user "MidgetJake" asked on stackoverflow regarding "Amazon GameLift realtime client stops receiving messages after being accepted".


    Can someone take a look on it? I would really appreciate any help.

    Carlos Fernandez
    @kimz-petsure wouldn't you need to first create the lambda, and assign it the "SQS source" ? I haven't done this through the SDK, but I would assume you first have to create the lambda, and assign it the SQS source event trigger
    @ajaysingh77 I think the 403 is because you need to supply some credentials to that request. Do you have an access key / token?
    Matthew Tovbin
    Howdy folks, I was wondering where are the model json files generated from? - https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-net/tree/master/generator/ServiceModels
    Neil Gibbons
    Have an issue with TransferUtility.UploadAsync not appearing to complete - feels like the SDK is swallowing an exception as my service stills shows as running but the thread never returns to calling code so I see no further log messages.
    Carlos Fernandez
    @tovbinm I thought those were 'manually' / 'internal' to AWS and the service models are generated from those models
    @neilgibbons how big are the files you're uploading?
    Neil Gibbons
    < 50KBs
    size can vary but usually no higher than that
    Carlos Fernandez
    That's odd, even with larger files I've not had any issues. Are you breaking on all exceptions?
    Neil Gibbons
    I recently switched to synchronous calls and noticed the same thing - my code calls the S3 API, I see progress callbacks logging to 100% but the file doesnt appear in S3 and my API call never finishes
    So my code is just stuck waiting
    Carlos Fernandez
    Damn, that's really odd
    Neil Gibbons
    Ive turned on AWS logging too - but I see nothing logged by the API itself when this issue occurs
    Carlos Fernandez
    I assume you're doing something like this:
    using (var client = new AmazonS3Client(_credentials, BucketRegion))
    using (var util = new TransferUtility(client))
            await util.UploadAsync(stream: fileStream, bucketName: _bucketName, key: destinationFileName);
        catch (AmazonS3Exception e)
             Logger.Error(e, $"Error while uploading file {filePath} to S3");
    shit format
    Neil Gibbons
    im using a TransferUtilityUploadRequest and calling the synchronous Upload method on TransferUtility
    Carlos Fernandez
    Does the TUUploadRequest also take a fileStream? I haven't used that one
    Neil Gibbons
    Takes a string file path
    TransferUtilityUploadRequest fileTransferUtilityRequest = new TransferUtilityUploadRequest
                                BucketName = BucketName,
                                FilePath = item.FileNamePath,
                                StorageClass = S3StorageClass.StandardInfrequentAccess,
                                PartSize = 6291456, // 6 MB.
                                Key = BucketPath + item.Key,
                                ContentType = "text/csv",
                                CannedACL = S3CannedACL.Private