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Aug 2017
Gergely Brautigam
Aug 17 2017 04:05
@lilmike it could be but you might end up paying more for processing and then waiting for the callback to happen. You cloud set up a cloud formation stack which creates all your resources, setup an API gateway for the http endpoint and a lambda service for polling and waiting for the callback to happen. This all could be managed through the CF stack which is managed very easily through various PHP frameworks by cli toolings. The only thing you'll create is a yaml file and some additional data.
Michael Taboada
Aug 17 2017 04:28
I'm now actually thinking about doing the splitting into chunks and concatination of mp3 audio myself (using something like ffmpeg for the concatination), and then just making a job that runs at most every 1/50 of a second (or less, depending on the concurrent connections limit for the polly API -- I forget the specifics), and then just retrieves the next chunk from the database and sends it off for processing. Does this sound possible? I'd assume so, as the splitting would be relatively trivial given the description in the examples, and the ffmpeg wouldn't take a ton of work afaik.
Gergely Brautigam
Aug 17 2017 05:37
Everything is possible in software development. :-) Most of the cases it's rather which is less so or would be less complex or more cost effective. :-)