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Dipranil Chakraborty
Hello, I need some help. I have CSV file in gzip format. is there any way to read the first row by using a PHP script ?
Annette Wilson
Hi, I've been trying to answer this Stack Overflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60232675/how-can-i-filter-s3-objects-by-size-using-aws-sdk-for-php-v3-aws-resultpaginator/60893697#60893697 and I've found that contrary to the docs, JMESPath expressions in this case are not equivalent between the PHP SDK and the AWS CLI. Specficially, with S3's ListObjectsV2 the "Size" field on S3 objects is declared as "long" and it appears the API unmarshals it as a string, not an integer. Does anyone know if this behaviour is a) intentional, and b) documented?
Harendra Kumar Kanojiya
Is there any one to help ??
Cuong Ngo
Hi everyone, pls help
How to get configuration value in the AWS config file?
Likes CLI built-in supported
aws configure get role_arn --profile=abc
I want to retrieve role_arn value in my second profile at ~/.aws/config file, to put it intro the $stsClient->assumeRole(...)
Cuong Ngo
hello, anybody help pls
Cuong Ngo
Hello...I'm new here...I am trying to understand more about the aws php sdk, but I keep on getting stuck at this link https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-php/v3/developer-guide/getting-started_basic-usage.html#creating-a-client which is creating a client...I don't know what I am doing, but would like to be able to launch lambda functions from my wordpress install using PHP...can anybody help me understand what launching a client means and how to do it?
Aaron McQuade
@coronaconspire_twitter do you still need help ?
hi everyone o/
Gentrit Abazi
Hello all can help me someone how to make pagination for s3 in php ?
hi everyone, does anyone have a snippet or a nice solution to send bulk email with aws ses ? All kind of solutions that comes to my mind involves to iterate every email to send 50 blocks on each call to the api....
Paul Preibisch

hi there, I want to use the elasticsearch Analyse api with Php, but the PHP sdk does not support it. the documents configuration.asciidoc show that I can add a new endpoint, but I am un sure where to put this code - ie: it says $this->transport, indicating it should be put in Client.php?? But I dont want to edit the vendor files... can you please help? $transport = $this->transport;
$serializer = $this->serializer;

$newEndpoint = function ($class) use ($transport, $serializer) {
if ($class == 'SuperSearch') {
return new MyProject\SuperSearch($transport);
} else {
// Default handler
$fullPath = '\Elasticsearch\Endpoints\' . $class;
if ($class === 'Bulk' || $class === 'Msearch' || $class === 'MPercolate') {
return new $fullPath($transport, $serializer);
} else {
return new $fullPath($transport);

$client = ClientBuilder::create()

im getting a error 500 when using this code
Aaron McQuade
@jezzarb94 it looks like you are missing the access keys
@firecentaur have you tried using the sdk from elasticsearch ?
Sheldon Lendrum
Hi, have any of you used a ARN for Auth with the S3 SDK/Library?
Aaron McQuade
@sheldonlendrum what's the reasoning for not using the bucket name ?
Sheldon Lendrum
Hi Aaron, how do you auth using ARN with just using the bucket name?
@amcquade even digging in the code, the logic is parsing for arn: and separating out the string for auth?
Are you using ARN differently?
Aaron McQuade
@sheldonlendrum I've only used ARNs for s3 buckets in cloudformation, if I'm using the sdk I just use the actual bucket name
Sheldon Lendrum
Does that mean you use the KEY/Secret? or are your permissions tied to your EC2?
Aaron McQuade
also, in that example there are no credentials, create an IAM user and give them access to that bucket and whatever operations you need. take the key and secret and supply them to your s3client object
usually use key and secret, although for some things it makes sense to create an IAM Role with the permissions you need and attach it to the instance, but in that way you'd need to get the credentials a different way
Sheldon Lendrum
Dzianis Charnysh
Hello guys.
I need your help.
I am gonna dynamo db in laravel project.
So I have issue in define the connection with dynamo db.
Please help me,
Anyone here?
Aaron McQuade
what is your issue ? @dzianis1_gitlab
I want to use
Managing Amazon EC2 Instances Using the AWS SDK for PHP Version 3.
I have added sdk library using zip donwload. but in composer update autoload file is not generated. How to use it ?
Aaron McQuade
there is an autoloader within the sdk @pratiweb

Hey, Everyone does anyone have an idea of how to use AWS AppConfig with the AWS SDK PHP.
My Particular use case is, I am running a simple PHP app on the EC2 instance and want to receive the JSON configurations written in the AppConfig.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Aws\AppConfig\Exception\AppConfigException;
use Aws\AppConfig\AppConfigClient;

$appConfigClient = new AppConfigClient(['version' => 'latest', 'region' => 'ap-south-1']);
$clientid  = uniqid('', true);
$params = [
    'Application' => $APP_CONFIG_APP,
    'ClientId' => $clientid,
    'Environment' => $APP_CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT

$response = $appConfigClient->getConfiguration($params);
$config = $response['Content'];

Also, I am authorizing with the AppConfig by an Adminstrator IAM Role Provided so, no issues on that side and I am able to get the following output

{ "Content": {}, "ConfigurationVersion": "1", "ContentType": "application\/octet-stream", "@metadata": { "statusCode": 200, client_id=60696", and some more fields...}

But the issue is I am not getting the AppConfig Content but able to extract the metadata regarding the Data.
So, Anyone who had tried this please help me out here.

Luis Miguel
Hi there. I've been unable to find a way to revoke every rule from a Security Group.
Is there any way to do it easyly? Something like revokeSecurityGroupIngress(describeSecurityGroup('name' => 'securityGroupName'))
What I'm trying to do is deleting all the rules and creating new ones
Luis Miguel
Ok, I'm doing a DescribeSecurityGroup, then feeding the information to this function:
        $revoked = $this->getEC2Client($awsZone)->revokeSecurityGroupIngress([
            'GroupId' => $securityGroup['GroupId'],
            //'GroupName' => $securityGroup['GroupName'],
            'IpPermissions' => $securityGroup['IpPermissions']
But it returns InvalidRequest (client): The request received was invalid
Abishek R Srikaanth
How do I get the LastModifiedTime of a directory in S3? I uploaded a directory using the AWS S3 console and the Last Modified Time column is empty
Chris Loftus
Anyone had issues installing the Laravel package with Laravel v8.51.0?
Abishek R Srikaanth
when moving files from on S3 folder to another S3 folder, are these physically moved? Why is the performance of the file move very slow?
Does the SDK in any way take care of rate limits and throttling under the hood? Or is there something in the SDK I can use to make requests within the limit?
Having issues connecting MediaPackage and Cloudfront Distribution.
I have been able to create the MediaPackage Endpoint and obtain the necessary URL to use to create the cloudfront distro.
Unfortunately, there is nothing in the documentation on how to link them together.
Similar if not identical issue can be found here - aws/aws-sdk-php#1656
Unfortunately, the solution has not worked for me.
Any information would be appreciated.
@barasim, sorry for the late reply on this, but better late than never I guess. There’s an experimental mode on retry that sounds like what you may be looking for: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-php/v3/developer-guide/guide_configuration.html#config-retries
Adaptive mode