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Repo info
Am I the only one seeing something up with the docs navigation? Every click causes the Class List pane to reset to its Top Level Namespace. With docs this extensive, losing that context is pretty pane-ful. (Example: Expand S3 topic, choose Client, oops!)
Anubhav Jain
I can feel your pain. The organization of the docs could been implented in a better way.
The documentation is also not searchable through google. Had to dig up a lot to find the exsistance of inbuilt logger in Dynamodb client
So, I'm not the only one. Thanks. I have a meeting with several AWS engineers this evening. I'll raise docs as a pain point and barrier to adoption.
Viktor Fonic

Hey everyone! I'm trying to stub a file upload to S3, but I instantiate new AWS::S3::Resource for every file upload. What's the best practice to instantiate S3 Resource? Should this be a singleton?

Here's the code that I have:

s3 =
s3.bucket(ENV.fetch('AWS_S3_BUCKET_NAME')).put_object(acl: 'private', key: name, body: contents)
In my tests I can do:
s3 = true)
# or
s3 = true)
But that doesn't help, because I'm not using these two instances.
I don't wan to add test code to the part of my production code:
s3 = if Rails.env.test? true)
Eunchan Lee
Hello, I'm trying to get credentials by AWS_WEB_IDENTITY_TOKEN_FILE. But I got this error
Not authorized to perform sts:AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity
I'm very newbie in Ruby area, so I couldn't narrow down about the error, but in golang sdk they seem not to call sts:AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity when setting up crendential via WEB TOKEN (OCID based)
for more detail, this is dockerized ruby app with aws-sdk-ecs v1.15.7 on kubernetes with service account providing irsa
Gareth Griffiths


I am having issues configuring an event notification to trigger a lambda function,

I remove all notifications in a before hook in my tests, then set the event back up after I have uploaded all my files to the bucket. (Code below )

Enable Event
@s3_client.put_bucket_notification_configuration( bucket: S3_BUCKET_NAME, notification_configuration: { lambda_function_configurations: [ { id: "Unique Name", lambda_function_arn: LAMBDA_ARN, events: ["s3:ObjectCreated:*"], filter: { key: { filter_rules: [ { name: "prefix", value: "#{prefix}" }, { name: "suffix", value: "#{suffix}" } ] } } } ] } )
Disable Event
@s3_client.put_bucket_notification_configuration( bucket: S3_BUCKET_NAME, notification_configuration: {} )

This Disables and enables the notification however it doesn't seem to fire off when the event is set up. It sometimes processes some files but is really flakey. Have I missed something ?

When I query the event, it shows as active but doesn't do what is is supposed to do ?

Hi, there need help here
with cognito, integration on RoR
Trying to do a AWS Cognito Authentication with Multiple Devices???
Basically what I need is to see, if the user is already authenticated and pass the same token
How do we know if the user is already authenticated, The aws-sdk-ruby had some kind of method to know that?
Eric Lackore
Is there a limit to the quantity of rooms a single AWS admin account can create via the SDK
how to do i stub list_object_versions?
    resp = client.list_object_versions({
      bucket: "xxx",
      prefix: image_key
response shows this:
resp = client.list_object_versions({
  bucket: "BucketName", # required
  delimiter: "Delimiter",
  encoding_type: "url", # accepts url
  key_marker: "KeyMarker",
  max_keys: 1,
  prefix: "Prefix",
  version_id_marker: "VersionIdMarker",
  use_accelerate_endpoint: false,
Fernando Baz
Hello! We're having some issues with getting CodeBuild to fetch the ENV variables for our S3 buckets, specifically getting Aws::Sigv4::Errors::MissingCredentialsError errors. The Rails proj is loading them correctly locally in two different machines, but when we deploy to our staging environment, it fails. The env vars are correctly set in the CodeBuild settings and we have also tried exposing them via Aws.config.update with no luck. We are using Shrine as our uploader library. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
Fernando Baz
(hardcoding the keys works! still we are dumbfounded as to why the SDK is not retrieving the env vars from the CodeBuild settings)

Hello! I'm getting odd results when trying to upload and hoping ya'll can help. Notice the etag is nil. When successful I notice it's present. Any idea what would cause this?

I'm using v3 of the sdk

obj = 'us-east-1').bucket("test.scholastica").object("article/1/1-bats-are-interesting.xml")
=> #<Aws::S3::Object:0x000055ebd5f68a58 @bucket_name="test.scholastica", @key="article/1/1-bats-are-interesting.xml", @data=nil, @client=#<Aws::S3::Client>, @waiter_block_warned=false>

obj.put({body: "testing"})
=> #<#<Class:0x000055ebcf6a6948>:Aws::S3::Types::PutObjectOutput:0x55ebd5e63cc0
    etag = nil,
    expiration = nil,
    request_charged = nil,
    server_side_encryption = nil,
    sse_customer_algorithm = nil,
    sse_customer_key_md5 = nil,
    ssekms_encryption_context = nil,
    ssekms_key_id = nil,
    version_id = nil
Also, is there an easy way to know if it's success or fail? Something like status == 200?
Hello All , I need help on sts.get_session_token() api call, It's throwing 'Failed to open TCP connection to : (getaddrinfo: No such host is known. )' exception . AWS CLI get-session-token is working fine. Note:- I am running behind corporate proxy.
Andrew Cao
Hi All, I have embedded quick sight dashboard to my web app. But it loads very slowly. Since it is loaded in iframe and url is changed every time, it is very slow.
Is there any better solution to make it faster?
i cant see it
your link working?
Cami Meneses
Hello All. Please help me!! Somebody knows how to get a private file using Ruby on Rails. At this moment I can get files only if they are public but I need get the private ones
Aliaksandr Rahalevich
hey everyone! I'm getting NameError: uninitialized constant Aws::Structure when require 'aws-sdk-secretsmanager'. This started happening after upgrade of aws-sdk-core from 3.91.1 -> 3.92.0. Anybody else having this issue?
Helmut Reiterer
hello, I'm using ruby sdk v.2 , is there any example out there to send background notification to iOS 13 devices, please?
ruby aws sns v.2
@proffalken Did you manage to resolve the issue of IPAddr::InvalidAddressError: invalid address ?
Aaditya Sharma
Hello guys! Is there any way to connect using IAM Role instead of access and secret keys?
I am trying to connect to AWS GLUE using Ruby SDK
Jessie Chen
Hello! I am trying to use this API: however the #last_used_date is nil even though the last used date is today. Is the API working as expected?
can i get AWSCredentials for a specific role ?
def lambda_handler(response, context):

instance = 0

status = 0

response = client.list_resource_compliance_summaries(
            'Key': 'ComplianceType',
            'Values': [
            'Type': 'EQUAL'
instance = response.list_resource_compliance_summaries[resource_id],
status = response.list_resource_compliance_summaries[status]
but i see below error in lambda
"errorMessage": "'dict' object has no attribute 'list_resource_compliance_summaries'"
can someone help me here?
Hi awser
i want to ask how can i use paginate with query in aws dynamodb client?

So, has anyone else seen this - when I create a bucket w/in my application using

      bucket: bucket_name,
      acl: "private", # accepts private, public-read, public-read-write, authenticated-read

And then log in to aws console via the web, the bucket permissions say that the bucket is publicly available.

I also tried a public access block

s3.put_public_access_block({bucket: bucket_name,
                                { block_public_acls: true,
                                  block_public_policy: true

But still it says the bucket is public

Oh nevermind, if I add ignore_public_acls and restrict_public_buckets it works as intended
Did you set de env variable with your AWS credentials ? @leenyburger
Is your bucket is the same region that what you’re requesting ?
@benebrice I figure it out. I had to see all 4 of the public_access_block_configuration parameters to achieve what I was going for.
Luke Becker
On GetItemOutput in the DynmaoDB SDK, what is the value of "item" if nothing is found? Undefined?