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Repo info
Sal Jamil
I upgraded all the gems to the latest
get_attribute_values works fine
Anybody encountered the same issue? Thanks
Sal Jamil
I figured out the issue, the documentation is wrong. You need to specify service_code key in addition to the ServiceCode field in the filter
The documentation should be corrected to look like this:
filters: [
field: "ServiceCode",
type: "TERM_MATCH",
value: "AmazonEC2",
field: "volumeType",
type: "TERM_MATCH",
value: "Provisioned IOPS",
format_version: "aws_v1",
service_code: "AmazonEC2",
max_results: 1,
Santanu Bhattacharya
Hello everybody, can anyone tell me if with ruby aws sdk, we can export the usage data against an api key in apigw?
Hi Guys, Hope all are good and safe. I had one question related to coping a file from your local machine to aws bucket. any one have tried it. I googled it but found few examples coping from one aws bucket to another aws bucket but did not get any help copying from local to aws bucket. if any one have tried it?
Jack Peplinski
Anyone know why textract #get_document_text_detection(params = {}) would return :blocks=>"[FILTERED]"
Diego Efe
Hi Guys, please excuse my poor english and thanks for your responses.
I have this question: is there a way to fetch a list of objects that includes custom user metadata without issuing an extra call per object?
Using client.list_objects() a prefix can be specified but the metadata does not get downloaded. Using Resources.bucket.objects() a similar thing occurs.
To get the metadata seems that a per-object request must be done... (Client.head_object() or Resource.bucket(..).object()).
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
Diego Efe
Jesse Adams
Hello all. I ran into a small issue trying to set AWS_MAX_ATTEMPTS and I think I have a quick fix for it. Please review and let me know your thoughts. aws/aws-sdk-ruby#2319
Thanks for your time!

Hello, everyone. Is there a way to get the region from a client that has already been instantiated?
For example, if I instantiate a ec2 client with the following code

ec2 = 'us-east-1')

Is there any way to retrieve the region from the client object ec2?
Something alone the lines of

# Does not work
current_region = ec2.region

Thanks in advance!

Nvm, for future reference, it's available through ec2.config.region
i want to show the welcome user in my amazon lex as soon as user open chatbot
PostTextResponse name = new PostTextResponse();
name.Message = "Welcome User";
this is what i have done
PostTextResponse name = new PostTextResponse(); name.Message = "Welcome User";
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Hi, quick question, if I have a bucket with Object Lock enabled, I can place an Object Retention configuration to any object I want through the API? We use Ruby, following this instructions should work?
Can someone please answer and help me. 317-200-8188. I have someone in my iPhone, I see nothing but scripts and zip files of my pics being taken out, they are even in my moms Mac computer now. Pages of coding, Amazon was mostly, and seahorse
anyone use rubyonjets? I am trying to connect to rds from aws lambda. Can I use a vpc thats not publicly accessible?
Christopher Petro
Is it really possible that after implementing S3 Lifecycle Tiering Policy to transistion objects to Intelligent Tiering , that there is literally no way to switch them back to S3 Standard without having to make a copy of the object back onto itself while updating the metadata storage_class?
Why wouldn't AWS support transition back to S3 Standard ... or at least make it possible to update storage class at Object level .... Am I missing something?
Why aws-sdk-kms 1.34.1 required aws-sdk-core~> 3, >= 3.99.0, but the latest aws-sdk-coreonly has 3.98.0, see above screenshot
Anyone know what "OpenSSL implementation doesn't support ALPN." means?
takes alomst 30secs of my lambda process
figured it out. wrong config on my side. still can’t access rds thoough
Is there a way to see a log of 'denied' permissions when executing a lambda function?
Brad Tillman
hello everyone, I'm running into a problem trying to lookup tags on an ec2 instance
I'm using the following code:
instance_data = JSON.parse(Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse('')))
region = instance_data['region']
instance_id = instance_data['instanceId']
    ec2 = 'us-east-1')
    instance = ec2.instance(instance_id)
    @tags ||= { |tag| { key: tag.key, value: tag.value } }
I'm getting the error:
unable to sign request without credentials set

the http debug output shows:
<- "GET /latest/meta-data/iam/security-credentials/ HTTP/1.1\r\nUser-Agent: aws-sdk-ruby3/3.89.1\r\nX-Aws-Ec2-Metadata-Token:

"HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found\r\n"
-> "Content-Length: 337\r\n"

when I test the same url on the instance it shows a profile with creds
Brad Tillman
turns out this issue is with Inspec. Running Inspec via winrm executes custom resources on the source machine.


I am trying to create a group, add a user to that group and give that group a policy. I have:

require 'aws-sdk-iam'
require 'aws-sdk-s3'
require 'json'
iam =
  access_key_id: 'key',
  secret_access_key: 'pass',
  endpoint: 'http://localhost:9000',
  ssl_verify_peer: false,
  region: 'us-east-1',
  http_wire_trace: true
g = iam.create_group({group_name: 'bob'})

This is using minio as the endpoint and I am getting:

Error parsing the Credential parameter; incorrect service. This endpoint belongs to "sts". (Aws::IAM::Errors::AuthorizationParametersError).

I have double-checked my credentials and they are good.

รย๒๒ค ςђ๏ฬ๔ђคгא ツ
I'm trying to do an external deployment in AWS ECS Fargate, and whenever our build runs successful it will create a new image of that in google cloud repository with the latest tag, and I'm using that in task definition so, I don't need to update my task definition to get the new image. I'm doing an external deployment vand my question is if I update the service will it use the new image ?
Gaurav Makwana
can i get access token for aws elastic search service??
Pramod Mallar
When I am trying to create_replication_group i am getiing unexpected value at params[:multi_az_enabled] (ArgumentError)from aws sdk
multi_az_enabled: true,
This is what I set, if I disable this my redis cluster with replicas are created
Pramod Mallar
what can be the reason, as I see this is the syntax provided in documentation?