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Pramod Mallar
This is what I set, if I disable this my redis cluster with replicas are created
Pramod Mallar
what can be the reason, as I see this is the syntax provided in documentation?
Kurt Thams
this page says it is for the V1 version of the API. But the link to the v2 doesn't go to the Ruby SDK. Am I in the wrong place for the lates Ruby SDK?
Alfred Dominic
Hi all
in here.. how do i generate the policy hash?
in the example for java sdk. it uses a method like this :
String policy = CloudFrontService.buildPolicyForSignedUrl(
    // Resource path (optional, can include '*' and '?' wildcards)
    // DateLessThan
    // CIDR IP address restriction (optional, means everyone)
    // DateGreaterThan (optional)
do we have something similar for the ruby aws-sdk
Ubayde Roham

Hello Guys,

Anyone implemented the new Aws::SESV2::Client on rails?

Dieu Linh Nguyen
anyone has experience using rails 6 with action mailbox, I am trying to using it but it seems not work, in production, i config config.action_mailbox.ingress = :amazon, but I go to HOST_NAME/rails/action_mailbox/amazon/inbound_emails it seems not work
Liz Fong-Jones
I seem to be having trouble using the s3 gem from within Chef, out of the blue.
I'm seeing ArgumentError: unexpected value at params[:expires_in]
unfortunately, figuring out which gems I'm using at which versions, within Chef is a challenge.
I believe I'm using aws-sdk-s3-1.30.1 and either aws-sdk-core-3.44.2 or aws-sdk-core-3.104.1
Liz Fong-Jones
bisecting seems to reveal that a host that bootstrapped successfully was using aws-sdk-core-3.103.0 and aws-partitions-1.341.0 but that the failing host had aws-sdk-core-3.104.1 and aws-partitions-1.343.0
it's indeed a regression in aws-sdk-core-3.104.0
Quick question that I'm having issues dragging up answers for - Setting timeouts like http_idle_timeout - how can I do this for sub second performance? Say I wanted it to be like 500msec or so
how would I define that?
lord... Looking over this room it may be slim pickens on getting answers lol
..aight. Imma head out.
hello, where is signature-version-4 for php code demo?
Ben Chiciudean
how can I specify source_arn in rails for SES?
Fintan Moloney
So I got this error: NameError: uninitialized constant which StackOverflow says means that it is unintentionally upgrading, but that cannot be, because my version is the highest: AWSgem "aws-sdk-s3", require: false
Ragoth Varma
An error occurred (ResourceConflictException) when calling the CreateFunction operation: Function already exist: sentiment_analysis
I'm getting this error
I am in need of using custom attributes to be passed on for a Multi-Model custom endpoint
I see that the headers request for the type of example of MMS I tried, it take custom attributes, but not clear how to get the value of headers
you can email me appreciate. Thanks
kathy Gao
if i have the aws:arn:region:accoountid:key/xxx
how to access the bucket ?
i tried couple times, always got Aws::KMS::Errors::AccessDeniedException
hey guys... anyone know why wait_until method is undefined ?
lol... usual gitter chat... everybody asks, no one answers lol
Fintan Moloney
Especially true for this chat room.

I'm looking for a convenience method that, given an ARN, will tell me the "official" name of the resource type. It doesn't seem to be as simple as

require 'aws-sdk-core'
a = Aws::ARNParser::parse(SOME_ARN)
(["AWS"] + [a.service, a.resource.split(":")[0]].map(&:capitalize)).join("::")

And I can't find a corresponding client method that does this specifically.

Couldn't find the aws-sdk gem API docs for AWS QLDB to create the records and tables in ruby through API. There is a doc like this . But this doesn't have the API details to create the records and tables in ledger datatbase. Please advise on this
Joseph A.
there is some additional configuration that has to be done in a elastic beanstalk so public/assets could be found in a rails app?
Matt Muller
@bharathiraja252 although Ion in Ruby is not supported so please use the CLI instead :(
does anyone have sample python code that can pull in Class: Aws::Rekognition::Types::Emotion
Muhammed afsal
Statement = new CfnRuleGroup.StatementOneProperty
IpSetReferenceStatement = new
Arn = ipSets.AttrArn
any idea how to set ipset in c#
its getting error
TestWebACL Error reason: Your statement has multiple values set for a field that requires exactly one value., field: STATEMENT, parameter: Statement (Service: Wafv2, Status Code: 400, Request ID: dd0d6492-5aa9-41e2-ac15-ee7bc133d705, Extended Request ID: null)
Hi, I'm trying to create specs for Lambda in ruby using localstack. Do you know if there is any way to create a Lambda function with a ruby code from specific directory using Aws::Lambda::Client? I saw the method "create_function" but I can't find out how to inject the real code there.