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Repo info
NoMethodError: undefined method `set_identity_headers_in_notifications_enabled' for #<Aws::SES::Client> Did you mean? set_identity_feedback_forwarding_enabled
anyone know how i can disable identify headers using the api
Joshua Oglesby
Anyone know if AWS SSM connected to port 1337?
Abhirav Kumar
On v2 of Aws ruby SDK I get uninitialized constant Aws::SecretsManager (NameError). SecretsManager has a page in their documentations saying defined in: (unknown). Could this be an error in documentation? reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdkforruby/api/Aws/SecretsManager/Client.html
for update_endpoint endpoint_id is a required field
but what if I am creating a new endpoint and don't have an endpoint_id?
Jacob Dalton

Hello. I'm writing some Webmock tests for some Aws::Batch requests and I'm noticing that the content-type of these api requests is an empty string ''.

I believe the AWS Batch endpoint interprets the default content-type to be application/json but this information isn't known to Webmock which means I have to manually serialize my request body mocks to json and my diffs of unmatched mocks are as long strings rather than nicely organized hashes (Webmock handles json much more nicely).

Is there a way I can set that content_type header in my Aws::Batch::Client to application/json so that Webmock will give me the default behavior I want?

Jacob Dalton
Jacob Dalton
^ I figured out a solution - using Seahorse Plugin/Handler I was able to add the Content-Type on. If someone else has a better solution please add it to SO question - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56842691/how-do-you-set-a-content-type-header-for-the-ruby-aws-sdk/56842921#56842921
I got error got error in aws textract when i call the GetDocumentAnalysisAsync method
Hello can someone help me with AWS S3? im getting an error when trying to upload a file: Aws::S3::Errors::AccessDenied: Access Denied
I have access from the website, and my credentials are working on the .env file
Is the first time using S3 so im not sure if im missing some steps
Matt Ouille
I know this is probably way out of scope for here, but I'm having trouble getting my aws-sdk to be found
Hi, there
Please some help, implement Cognito with Ruby?
Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider::Client, how to use this API?
Om Prakash
Using AWS elastic beanstalk we r trying to upload file . But It's Throwing exception.
"Message": "An error has occurred.",
"ExceptionMessage": "Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\assets\ABC195415319.txt' is denied.",
"ExceptionType": "System.UnauthorizedAccessException",
Hi, there
In my java code, when deployed in aws $ symbol is not working
hi there,
how to set expire fo
object ins3
Jeremy L. Morris
Hey everyone
I want to specify a signature_version when creating a client. How do I do that?
I currently have:
Aws::S3::Client.new(credentials: @aws_creds, region: @region)
I want to explicitly set the signature_version to "v4-unsigned-body"
fadi hamed
Capacity Reservation's attribute does not match with requested instance parameter. Attribute: InstanceType, requested value: t2.micro, expected value: a1.xlarge
how i can correct this .. to logoin in cpanel
Hello everyone!
I wish to create templates for AWS SES in my Rails app. Where should I store the HTML part?
Santanu Bhattacharya
How to create the load balancer with ruby sdk
I am unable to pass the target group
Akula Raju
Hi How we can setup CORS for object level? hope we can setup for bucket level only. Am i correct?
Akula Raju
How do we get status code for object.put()
Is there any built in retry mechanism?
Sugam Pandey
Hi there, Aws::S3::Client has complete_multipart_upload method. What is the value of the response object when/if this method fails?
Giuseppe Privitera
Hello All, I want to use aws-sdk-s3 to access an S3 compatible service (DELL ECS). Is it possible?
John Skoteiniotis
Hi all, this might not be the correct place to ask but I was wondering, is there a way to buy items remotely? We have a website that we want to be able to buy stuff from amazon automatically for the customer, instead of sending the customer to amazon and expecting them to buy it manually. Any chance this exists on an API?
Hello folks,
Can anyone help me how to automate fallowing using ansible for eg: assume I have an aws images AMI-123latest and currently I’m already running 10 ec2 instances running on old AMI-123OLD so now i have to automate the upgradation of all 10 ec2 instances to latest AMI-123latest
suuggest best practies to automate this usecase If possible any sample scripts URL in github ??
Hello everyone!
I have some questions. Can you help me?
I want to get all file in folder of one bucket in S3
Can anyone suggest me help?