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Repo info
I am getting ArgumentError: Private key is needed.
from /Users/janani/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.2/gems/aws-sdk-core-2.6.50/lib/aws-sdk-core/cloudfront/url_signer.rb:128:in `sign'
how to resolve it
naga teja
in s3 server level login what TargetGrants properties should i mention
Hi, I need configure VPC. Anyone has an idea from where can I get the subnet and security id
      - subnet-<redacted>
      - subnet-<redacted>          
      - sg-<redacted>     
or do I need to create one manually to put the values?
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.171Z] INFO [2494] - [Application update app-push-to-prod-for-admin-1050-g7876-190925_134912@3/AppDeployStage0/DownloadSourceBundle] : Starting activity...
[2019-09-25T05:50:35.042Z] INFO [2494] - [Application update app-push-to-prod-for-admin-1050-g7876-190925_134912@3/AppDeployStage0/DownloadSourceBundle] : Completed activity. Result:
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.318Z] INFO [2567] : Application version will be saved to /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deploy/appsource.
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.318Z] INFO [2567] : Using manifest cache with deployment ID 3 and serial 3.
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.318Z] INFO [2567] : Attempting to download application source bundle to: '/opt/elasticbeanstalk/deploy/appsource/source_bundle'.
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.318Z] INFO [2567] : Using computed s3 key.
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.427Z] INFO [2567] : Downloading from bucket 'elasticbeanstalk-ap-northeast-1-843935941667' with key 'resources/environments/e-jgsc3bp82z/_runtime/_versions/readee/app-push-to-prod-for-admin-1050-g7876-190925_134912' and version '' to '/opt/elasticbeanstalk/deploy/appsource/source_bundle'.
[2019-09-25T05:50:34.490Z] INFO [2567] : Size: 37421484, ETag: "29099dc86f7b4723a7ca17478e6d730c", Metadata: {"environmentid"=>"e-jgsc3bp82z", "requestid"=>"76bcf6d2-2562-4d12-ab58-1a81b20876a6"}.
[2019-09-25T05:50:35.030Z] INFO [2567] : Downloaded size: 37421484.
[2019-09-25T05:50:35.030Z] INFO [2567] : Successfully downloaded to '/opt/elasticbeanstalk/deploy/appsource/source_bundle'.
[2019-09-25T05:50:35.042Z] INFO [2494] - [Application update app-push-to-prod-for-admin-1050-g7876-190925_134912@3/AppDeployStage0/EbExtensionPreBuild] : Starting activity...
What is the problem of stopping here?
Dominik Matta
Hello there, AWS experts! Do you know about any way to get concurrent consumers count (live viewers count) of Amazon Kinesis video stream?
Santosh Dahal
Hi . I am little curious about Cloudfront OriginSslProtocols. Does it support TLSv1.3 and above?
I’m struggling
Christopher Jaeger
Is there a room like this to discuss AWS services in general - not specifically the ruby sdk?
I have some questions that would really help to have a person to talk to that aren't necessarily about the sdk. Specifically how it's possible that cloudwatch metrics are collected from a private instance with no NAT gateway...
"><img src=x onerror=alert(document.domain)>
hello world!
Pete Lypkie
hey all, i'm very occasionally getting a NameError for Aws::SNS::Resource under puma, with 'aws-sdk' in my Gemfile. I'm assuming this is something to do with aws-sdk using autoload for all the sub modules?
gonna switch directly to requiring aws-sdk-sns, which i'm hoping should prevent this weird intermittent thing, but figured i'd see if anyone else ran into this
(rails 5.2, ruby 2.3, aws-sdk 3)
Omer Saeed
Wow! Lots of noise here
I was wondering if there is a way to define a private endpoint for AWS rekognition service
Omer Saeed
and then use said endpoints with the ruby API
Hi, there!
One simple question, for you guys, it's possible to sort or descending order the response for list_objects or list_objects_v2 methods?
Don't worry i get done!
Dheeraj Singh Dubey
Wow! feeling enthusiastic to join the community of AWS experts! Have a simple question I wanted to make use of MFA enabled IAM user? Would AWS::EC2.client would work?
for making connections?
Little confused between AWS::STS.client
Hi! I'm new here. I'm looking at https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-ruby/blob/master/gems/aws-sdk-core/lib/aws-sdk-core/ecs_credentials.rb#L89 and am seeing a failure, because my c['Expiration'] == '' which is passing the ternary true check, and I get a subsequent fail for ArgumentError: invalid date: "" Would this be considered a bug, or should I make sure I have a expiration set? Reading the ternary, seems like '' or nil expiration should be allowed? I could fix by doing c['Expiration'].present ? ... : nil
Hi folks. Has anyone got SecretsManager to work with v2 of the Ruby SDK? I'm trying
require 'aws-sdk'
require 'aws-sdk-resources'
sm = Aws::SecretsManager::Client.new(region: 'us-west-2')
But get an error : NameError: uninitialized constant Aws::SecretsManager . This is v2 of the SDK. I've got aws-sdk and aws-sdk-resources in my Gemfile. Is there any gem I'm missing? I thought v2 was self contained

On v2 of Aws ruby SDK I get uninitialized constant Aws::SecretsManager (NameError). SecretsManager has a page in their documentations saying defined in: (unknown). Could this be an error in documentation? reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdkforruby/api/Aws/SecretsManager/Client.html

I'm getting the same issue, @akabhirav

Dennis van der Vliet

We run into an issue when generating lots (5000+) presigned_urls. We use the following code to generate the urls

bucket.object(full_s3_key).presigned_url(:get, expires_in: S3_PRESIGNED_URL_TTL)

When we run this for 5000 objects this takes around 5 seconds on my local machine. We profiled the code and found that a lot of calls are being made to AssumeRoleCredentials#refresh.


Is there any way to get presigned urls without invoking that credentials refresh?

I want to validate phone number in ruby via AWS pinpoint service
can someone help me
to send message I am using SNS service but before sending message I want to check if phone number is valid
David Florez
Hi, I have a question. I'm new to AWS in general, so what I want to know is the following. I want to create an online radio station. I already set up an EC2 (ubuntu) to use Icecast2 as my radio server, I'm developing a rails app to stream from the icecast server. Currently I have to ssh from my terminal to connect to my EC2 instance and then start the Icecast server. So is it possible to use this gem to accomplish the same thing, but instead of going through the hassle of ssh, use it to connect to the instance from my app to start the radio server from my instance?
Anyone here that can answer related to Lex ?
i want to write testcase for cognitoidentity.getId(params) in jest, can any one please help me in this?
hi all
Hi all.. anybody know how to send hyperlink as a response
how to deploy multiple images docker in this projecthttps://github.com/aviacommerce/avia
Maheshwar Rao Anethala

Hi all..

How would I directly stream a large CSV file without loading the entire file in-memory and without downloading the file into the system ?

Platform: Ruby

I have tried this which downloads the file into the system.

s3.get_object({ bucket: bucket_name, key: s3_key }, target: 'downloaded_file.csv')

how do I modify certificate one by one for all RDS inside one account?
Anubhav Jain
I developed a ruby script to load data into dynamodb from a CSV file. I want to log the response of the put_item request
Any suggestion if logging functionality can be enabled from with the dbynamodb client