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Mauro Spivak
Hi there, I'm new to chalice and I'm struggling with a tiny demo app I'm trying to deploy. Error is "The write operation timed out". I tried chalice --debug deploy It retries several times but it never works.
@mspivak Maybe send the code you have ? Maybe your environment is set up wrong as well
Rafał Mituła
Hi, I wonder if there is an option to commonly name all Chalice generated resource names with some prefix like 'PROD-ChaliceAppPrefix-FuntionName'? FYI I'm using Terraform deployment option.
why do i get this error ?
[ERROR] KeyError: 'version'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/task/chalice/app.py", line 1458, in call
event_obj = self.event_class(event, context)
File "/var/task/chalice/app.py", line 1486, in init
File "/var/task/chalice/app.py", line 1497, in _extract_attributes
self.version = event_dict['version']
i get it a lot in my sqs method in chalice
chetan korde
Hello, query is if successive chalice deploy will only upload the diff(changes in app.py) or the entire package(including dependency packages) to aws?
hello everyone. is there any plans to implement Provisioned Concurrency ?
is there a feature request for this?
my question is regarding this feature request aws/chalice#1322
Hi guys - I sometimes am in a rural area where upload speeds are slow enough that chalice deploy times out and I cannot upload. Before using chalice, I got around this by uploading first to S3. Is there any option for doing that with chalice? The other nice thing S3 upload provides is a progress bar (a non issue with fast upload, I know).
Nirali Mistry
Hello I am trying to run aws chalice app with python. I am getting error "Missing authentication token". Does anyone came across such error ? Thanks for the help
Kovalchuk Evgeny

Hey there! Is stacking decorators on top of each other allowed? For example, I want my function to be invoked by both HTTP-request (route) and periodically (schedule).
Can I just do:

def my_function(): ...

Or should I create a separate handler for each of those?

Antony K
Hi all, Has anyone found a solution for testing functions wrapped in events such as @app.on_sqs_message locally (without calling deployed code). If not @jamesls whats the latest on this are we likely to see this added anytime soon there seems to be a lot of requests for it? Thanks

is it possible to generate terraform with the provider credentials?


Kapil Thangavelu
@chimon2000 why?
you can have a separate file in the same output dir that defines credentials, its not really an artifact of generation, but an input to deployment/running
mostly its best to use say env vars for it
Hello. I am trying to understand why when I do "chalice package --pkg-format terraform test/path" why it doesn't specify my region(s) in the chalice.tf.json? Do I have to add it manually every time?
2 replies
Sudhanshu Mishra
Hello. Why do I get ValueError: Deployed values for resource does not exist: api_gateway_custom_domain when I add custom domain config in chalice's config?
hello, is there docs on how to managed app size?
automatic layer is getting bigger than 50MBs
Saravana kumar

VPC is not getting configure with lambda though I supplied valid subnet_ids & security_group_ids to the chalice config.json file.

This is how my config file looks like,

"lambda_functions" : {
"cohort_submit_to_compiler" : {
"lambda_timeout": 600,
"autogen_policy": false,
"security_group_ids" : ["YYYY"],
"iam_policy_file": "policy-dev.json"

And also with my policy-dev.json, I provided mandatory access permission to the EC2 resource to create VPC configuration, And this is how my policy-dev.json looks like,
"Action": [
"Resource": "*",
"Effect": "Allow"

Note: Deployment is getting success but VPC is not configured to my Lamba.

Could someone please help me with this? I even raised this an issue in github.

Wow, just look at the questions to answers ratio in this community.
Nobody is providing support for this technology.
Can't Amazon dig into their pockets and free up a few engineer hours a week to foster their community?
1 reply
Such a pity to see this attractive technology so unsupported.
I saw that they update this repo, so it's still work done on this project
probably on stackoverflow we have a better change for some questions
  • javascript/typescript is booming, there is also serverless framework (which I don't like)
chalice is awesome, hope they will still support this framework
Hi all
I have an Flask app which uses quite some extensions like babel, wtforms and sessions. I would like to replace Flask with Chalice, but I don't think any of these extensions are supported nor are the any alternatives available. Am I right?
4 replies
Clark "CJ" Milholland

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to extend a current application that is build on Chalice to serve its Web Assets through the AWS API Gateway.

Currently the Web Assets are in an S3 bucket.
I have been able to get a function going that will serve the index.html page through the API Gateway which is a great start.

But what I am running into is trouble figuring out how to match all of the possible files in the S3 bucket.

I.E. pseudo code


www.example.com/ui -> API Gateway ( /ui )

def ui_index():
file_body = get_file_from_s3('index.html')
return file_body


www.example.com/ui/script.js -> API Gateway ( /ui/{path} )

def ui_path(path):
file_body = get_file_from_s3(path)
return file_body


www.example.com/ui/images/logo.png -> API Gateway ( /ui/{path} )

def ui_path(path):
file_body = get_file_from_s3(path)
return file_body


www.example.com/ui/really/long/path/into/random/library/app.js -> API Gateway ( /ui/{path} )

def ui_path(path):
file_body = get_file_from_s3(path)
return file_body

Looking at the AWS API Gateway docs there is a proxy feature that allows for a 'greedy' api resource {proxy+}
See: HTTP proxy integration with a proxy resource

The above seems to half work when I configure the following in the Chalice App

www.example.com/ui/really/long/path/into/random/library/app.js -> API Gateway ( /ui/{path+} )

def ui_path(path):
file_body = get_file_from_s3(path)
return file_body

But obviously path+ is not a valid python variable name so I can't have that as a parameter for the function.

Does anyone know if we have access to the whole requested URL inside of the function?
I was thinking that could be a good workaround to this problem

Sorry for the poor formatting on the message above... First time posting on gitter
excellent day, someone could guide me on how to add a *.so file, I have problems with the python-magic package and I have read about including such a file but I do not understand how to do this with chalice.
Ian DesJardins
Has anyone had success (or failure) with attaching an creating an sqs event listener using blueprints? At runtime, it appears that it's not getting picked up. Even though I'm registering this blueprint to the root app instance.
Ian DesJardins
Some more context. Here's my error:
[ERROR] Runtime.HandlerNotFound: Handler 'dataset_requests' missing on module 'app'
Hii Guys, i need help on aws chalice
@iandesj Hii bro
@metasci hii i need help on chalice
Matt Walker
Hi, how are people handling versioning a REST API built with Chalice?
Currently I've defined a dev stage and I'm wondering about creating a v1 stage, does this sound reasonable or is there a better approach?
Hey we created a Slack channel for Chalice https://chalice.dev
Ian Meyers
Hello all - am upgrading from a (much) older version of chalice, and redeploying. Some changes in how boolean values are handled in config.json, but got it working. However, it seems that the .chalice/config.json file isn't included in the deployment. Have tested with chalice package --single-file OUT, and the file isn't included in deployment.zip. Has anyone else seen this issue?
1 reply
Hi im new here, is it possible to install https://github.com/aws/chalice in windows 10? because i see all comands are for linux
Tom May
Hi. Is there any way to find out if my code is running in chalice local mode? I would like to customise CORS settings based on whether running locally or not.

Hi All! I have been using chalice for my project. Current I'm in a stage with implementing authorizer for my project. And I'm also using AWS Cognito for authentication & authorization.

My 1st question is, When I came across Chalice Authorization document, I noticed a note that "In Chalice, all the authorizers are configured per-route", So is it possible to configure API gateway level authorization rather than against every route level? Is chalice 'Built-in-Authorizers' functionality is for API gateway level or it's same as route level?

And My 2nd question is, I came across CognitoUserPoolAuthorizer and I used it too . But is it possible to use CognitoUserPoolAuthorizer functionality logic inside 'Built-in-Authorizers' auth_handler lambda for authorising? If yes, How Could I invoke CognitoUserPoolAuthorizer inside my auth_handler lambda?