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Aug 2016
Stephen Hawkins
Aug 12 2016 02:35
hello there, i checked out the code on github but couldn't find the answer. it appears like mango isn't storing a "git repo" but storing all the git objects in IPFS and the ethereum contract handles ref lookups and adding new git objects. so someone couldn't "write" to the "repo" without using the contract interface to add git objects to IPFS but they could read from it by looking up the IPFS hash of a specific git commit and retreiving the git tree that way?
Alex Beregszaszi
Aug 12 2016 08:15
Yes, you can read the git tree by knowing the IPFS hash of specific starting point and iterating from there. On a high level, the reason for the Ethereum contract is to have consensus which hash is the top on a given git branch and what git tags exists. It is a bit more subtle than the of course.