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Repo info
    Far Tseng
    but I console.log the selector result, It has child node.
    Karl Parakenings
    if you console.log the selector it is resolved at display time in the js console
    unless you use util.inspect, but in react that will give you the proxy object not the DOM object without findDOMNode
    or you could use an IIFE i suppose
    Far Tseng
    Mmm... I know where the problem is.
    With "target.find" {name: 'thename"} and {id: 'theid'} work. How about className? {className: 'theclass'} no workie.
    correction. if i use the exact list of classes on an element, {className: "all the classes element has"} it finds it.
    Kirk Strobeck
    How do I use power2?
    its showing as undefined and could not figure out how to include/use it
    Bishop Zareh
    Hey yo, I am having a problem getting gsap working on react
    When I include gsap, I get the error "document is not defined"
    Any help appreciated
    ..pretty dead in here but the github appears to be well maintained
    Dan Van Brunt
    First, this module is great, works the charm. However, we are noticing a considerable amount of code duplication in order to setup each Page with the same Intro/Outro hooks. Has anyone consider how you might create a HOC for this that all pages could use?
    Dan Van Brunt
    Would LOVE any direction out there on how one might organize/clean up the implementation across a large site with multiple pages
    Is even using a HOC a good idea, maybe a Parent Component instead?
    Dan Van Brunt
    no one using this module?
    Uncaught TypeError: Class constructor ClassNameHere cannot be invoked without 'new'
    Anyone know why I keep getting this error?
    Had to do with Babel
    yo :wave:
    wondering how I can use gsap to only animate the first two instances of a comp
    almost 'turn it off' post the 2 components rendering
    Jeff Lung YK
    Hi I wanna learn GSAP for website but not with react
    Chris Knight
    @animatist check out some of the resources on Petr Tichy's site https://ihatetomatoes.net/simple-greensock-tutorial-your-first-steps-with-gsap/
    Jeff Lung YK
    Thanks @chrisk2020
    Federico Calarco
    Hello guys , i would like to implement gsap to my meteor+react project . I've read the document , any suggestions ?
    working for a blockchain project , named nitrate , it is based on movies distribution . nitrate.io
    Dan Proudfoot
    @Bram-Zijp What did you have to do to fix the issue, babel-wise?
    Osman Ali
    wondering if the ScrollToPlugin works ?