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Jan 2016
Paul Banks
Jan 12 2016 13:50
Hi all, just started working with prova today and it's totally awesome - spoilt me for any other workflow for testing library in browser.
... but, somehow it seems to have messed up my source maps to the point that it's almost impossible to debug why my test is failing
seems like everything is offset by 4 lines anyone seen that before before I get lost in debugging it?
I've seen other references to this happening if a browserfiy transform is badly behaved or adding lines etc, but I'm not using any (explicitly, or that I know of).
In my case, the bundle appears to have multiple sourcemap comments pulled in from dependencies (not sure why). and this is inserting extra lines to the first one found which happens to be in the middle of the file and before all the code I'm trying to dubug
I'm not sure if it's even valid that I have multiple sourcemap comments, but that is what is happening with standard browserify call and seems to be coming from a prova dependency: node_modules/prova/node_modules/browserify/node_modules/path-browserify/index.js
Paul Banks
Jan 12 2016 15:44
Aha changing that to lastIndexOf and now everything works.. I'll make a PR although I can't say why my setup has this issue while others presumably don't