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Repo info
    Myles Borins
    hey azer... I've noticed that the test suite in prova seems a bit all over the place... is there a way I can help?
    Azer Koçulu
    @TheAlphaNerd thx for mentioning
    does "prova test/*" work as expected ?
    it has been a while I worked on it
    Myles Borins
    not exactly... test that don't pass straight fail, not sure how to properly automate and make sure things are not broked
    a handful of dependencies (including browserify) are quite out of date... want to update but don't want to break stuff :(
    Azer Koçulu
    thanks for letting me know
    it needs some work obviously, if it's gonna rain this weekend
    I'll be home & spend some time on it
    it's ok to break it though, any changes u'd like more than welcome
    Myles Borins
    @azer tests are still not working on my end :S... going to be playing with fixing a few things with prova today if you are around to support
    one of the big things my team would love to see would be the ability to get code coverage (preferably from istanbul
    and also the ability to run the client side tests on services like sauce labs
    Myles Borins
    Ok... so I've managed to figure out the biggest challenge right now with bumping broserify / watchify... the interface has substantially change... which breaks some of the current logic you have going
    your code is handing over a list of files and an options hash to watchify... although watchify is now expecting a browserify bundle to be given
    I'm in the process of wrapping my head around the current logic in browser / browserify-transforms to try and get it working
    @azer is there any chance you will be at oakland js tonight?
    Myles Borins
    Ok so I've got it "mostly" there... I think I got browserify / new watchify working as expected
    only issue right now is injecting transforms
    it seems that Browserify.prototype.transform in v 4.x would do some fancy stuff with process.cwd that is just not happening now
    more digging
    Myles Borins
    took a bit of time, but I eventually got there. This PR updates all dependencies in the project and modifies the appropriate files to support the latest browserify / watchify api's
    does anyone know if there is a Tape IRC room
    Paul Banks
    Hi all, just started working with prova today and it's totally awesome - spoilt me for any other workflow for testing library in browser.
    ... but, somehow it seems to have messed up my source maps to the point that it's almost impossible to debug why my test is failing
    seems like everything is offset by 4 lines anyone seen that before before I get lost in debugging it?
    I've seen other references to this happening if a browserfiy transform is badly behaved or adding lines etc, but I'm not using any (explicitly, or that I know of).