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Apr 2015
F. K.
Apr 12 2015 16:34 UTC
Hi @aziz, sorry it's been quite a while, I've been busy. I was wondering as to what are your thoughts in regards to adding new features.
I was thinking perhaps on adding support for:
  • notebooks
  • tags
  • favourite/pinned notes
Allen Bargi
Apr 12 2015 23:28 UTC
Hi @fk128
here is what I have on my list:

Note Managemet:
☐ Brain as plain text not gzip!
☐ Encryption

Note Authoring:
☐ Document MD extra features
☐ Support internal linking
☐ Open link to extenal files/urls
☐ Improved document authoring (auto bullet insetion, shortcut for bold and italic...)