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Repo info
Bill Robertson
Just dropping in to say thanks, Adam for releasing this. Quick and easy. Much appreciated.
Pritam Kumar Shahi
missing script: start .. when going to npm start..
Nitish Madhukar
can we use this for react-native app
anyone here?
Mark Gubarev
Hello everybody!
Can somebody give me advise how to add stripe to react website with ACH ?
Thomas Le
When I use this out of the box it doesn't create a transaction on stripe. the call to /save-stripe-token fails. Is there more set up i have to do ?
Andrew Coppock

I have everything set up following a guide on https://www.robinwieruch.de/react-express-stripe-payment/ -- Clicking the button on the page sends the request, but after a few seconds, I get net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED dispatchXhrRequest @ xhr.js:166 xhrAdapter @ xhr.js:16 dispatchRequest @ dispatchRequest.js:49 Promise.then (async) request @ Axios.js:56 Axios.<computed> @ Axios.js:80 wrap @ bind.js:11 (anonymous) @ Checkout.js:20
TokenCallback.trigger @ checkout.js:3 (anonymous) @ checkout.js:3 (anonymous) @ checkout.js:3 IframeView.closed @ checkout.js:3 (anonymous) @ checkout.js:3 RPC.processMessage @ checkout.js:2 (anonymous) @ checkout.js:2 RPC.message @ checkout.js:2 (anonymous) @ checkout.js:2

Not sure if I should log on issue on Github, because there is no help on stackoverflow following this error condition.

Jeffy Arias
Hi help
I have been trying for weeks
sending the amount to the backend it wont let me
it si no even dump to the req.body
Soham Kale
Hey guys I am trying to use the react-stripe-checkout component but whenever I click on it, I get redirected to a new webpage with the modal. How do I make it appear on the same page? I don't want it to redirect customers to a new page!