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Jun 2015
Jun 24 2015 07:41
Problems again, and @slobo told me to post here: While starting the system(s) for the first time yesterday worked fine, restarting them today with azk start leads to the following error and consequent abort:
azk: Error: HTTP code is 500 which indicates error: server error - json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type bool
(I guess I shouldn't post the complete trace here?) I'm using Docker version 1:1.7.0-1 – could that be a problem?
Jun 24 2015 07:59
Downgrading to Docker 1.6 solved it, so it seems it's currently incompatible with 1.7 (at least in some (edge?) cases – as said, yesterday it worked fine).
Gullit Miranda
Jun 24 2015 08:35

there have been changes in Docker API 1.7 and AZK has not yet been updated. We need to make this update.

You could open an issue to report this?

Felipe Arenales Santos
Jun 24 2015 15:01
I'm sorry for my delayed answer. @drunken-monkey , thanks for your feedback. We're going to improve azk's installation process for Arch Linux asap.
but now is everything ok?
Slobodan Mišković
Jun 24 2015 17:34
@fearenales, yes it seems after downgrading docker to 1.6 we were able to use everything again on Arch. Thanks