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Jul 2015
Vicente Pons
Jul 18 2015 11:24
Hello, I have a question, what is the difference between sync and path in mounts?
Differently from path option, sync uses rsync instead of VirtualBox shared folders. As result, the overall performance is significantly increased, mainly for applications which demand a great number of files (e.g. a Ruby on Rails application with a lot of assets).
Did not I use virtualbox, then what is the difference?
I ask, because with sync when I make changes in the files of app, not update me in the browser.
Gullit Miranda
Jul 18 2015 15:12

For those who use Linux really is no performance improvement.
Files created or changed within the container in sync folders are not synchronized with the host.

Usually sync folders are used for dependencies, builds, and something.

You are using livereload?