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Jul 2015
Vicente Pons
Jul 19 2015 10:54 UTC
Ahhmm ok, thanks you!!
No, I not use livereload
I am preparing a meetup about azk for next week in Valencia :)
any recommendation or interesting points azk?
Gullit Miranda
Jul 19 2015 22:50 UTC

Very nice @gponsu.
In relation to sync and path, I think it's just what I said it.
If you need the files on the host, use path (share) otherwise use sync.

Sync: dependĂȘncas the npm, ruby, composer, ...
path: logs or other files created by the application.

If there is recording or slides, if you send us, we can put in the newsletter.
For those who have doubts can ask in stackoverflow (using the tag azk, or here in chat.