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Aug 2015
Slobodan Mišković
Aug 10 2015 21:16
hey folks, a while back you helped me setup some systems in Azkfile that don't start automatically, but instead I only use via "azk shell". One thing we did was set wait:false for those systems. In latest master of azk, having wait:false causes the Azkfile to be rejected. Is this intentional, and is there a new way to do "shell only" systems? Thanks
Gullit Miranda
Aug 10 2015 21:22
hi @slobo
Unfortunately there was a glitch in the implementation, the correction was made in the PR azukiapp/azk#489 that has not yet been integrated into the master. You can use it to fix this problem or else change the wait for { default: 0, limit: 0 }.
Slobodan Mišković
Aug 10 2015 21:25
sounds good, thanks for quick reply